How Hatchworks Coworking Doubled in Size in Just Six Months

Erika Gifford
Erika Gifford
How Hatchworks Coworking Doubled in Size in Just Six Months

Hatchworks is a community hub that connects its members with each other and with the greater Asheville (US) community. Located in the South French Broad neighborhood, Hatchworks offers a bright and open space filled with natural light and plants, as well as free local coffee and downtown parking, and 24/7 access for its members.

However, what sets Hatchworks apart is their passion for building community, both inside and outside of the office walls. They partner with nearly a dozen local organizations, including the Asheville Symphony Orchestra and United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County, to provide volunteer efforts, sponsorship, and promotional support. This helps Hatchworks members, many of whom are new to Asheville, connect with the community in a meaningful way.

Hatchworks Coworking space interior design and members

At Hatchworks Coworking, we don't just offer a space to work—we offer a community to grow with. We recognized that our members needed more than just a place to work, especially coming out of COVID when people were feeling isolated and disconnected. So, we set out to intentionally build a community that fosters meaningful connections and collaboration. From our weekly wine and cheese gatherings to food truck Tuesdays and 1 Million Cups on Wednesdays, we provide natural opportunities for our members to connect and network. It's this focus on community-building that sets us apart from other coworking spaces and truly makes Hatchworks Coworking unique.Erika Gifford, Co-Owner of Hatchworks Coworking here and below unless otherwise specified

Challenges Hatchworks Coworking Was Looking to Resolve with the Help of Technology

Before adopting technology, Hatchworks Coworking ran its administrative routines in a very manual and time-consuming way. Everything was done via email, including booking, invoicing, and payments. They even had to use a separate Google Calendar to keep track of bookings, and nothing was integrated with a payment system.

Meeting rooms at Hatchworks Coworking space

As the number of members grew, the workload became overwhelming, with day passes alone sometimes requiring up to five emails back and forth. Erika realized that they needed a more efficient system that could automate Hatchworks' administrative tasks and provide a better experience for members.

Our administrative tasks were a nightmare before adopting technology. It was all done via email, and we had to manually use a Google Calendar for bookings. We even tried Skedda, but it still didn't integrate with a payment system. I had to make sure I sent invoices and that they were paid manually. It was overwhelming, especially as we started to grow from 6 members to over 160. Even day passes required up to five emails back and forth, and it was driving me crazy. We knew we needed a better solution to keep up with our growth and automate our administrative tasks.

  • Automating payments and bookings: Hatchworks was looking to reduce the manual work involved in managing payments and bookings. Prior to implementing technology, they relied on email and Google Calendar to manage bookings, which was time-consuming and inefficient. They were looking for a system that would integrate payment processing and booking management into one platform.

Initially, I was looking to really just automate as much as possible and I knew that there was some great new software out there.

  • Security concerns: As a coworking space in a large building with a coffee shop in front and a homeless population outside, Hatchworks Coworking needed a secure system to manage access to the space. They were looking for a system that would provide secure access control and help ensure the safety of their members.

We had not just automation of payments and bookings but we also had the security issue to solve.

  • Community building: Hatchworks Coworking wanted to build a strong sense of community among its members. They were looking for a platform that would allow members to connect with each other and share information about events and activities. They were interested in a system that would facilitate communication and collaboration among members, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment.
Hatchworks Coworking Space members

We visited some coworking spaces in New York and I was most impressed with one of them that had a system that connected to Kisi. So we started with Kisi and then worked our way backward. And I loved that andcards had all of our social events up there. It's a great way to connect members in an open way. People love it.

  • Streamlining administrative tasks: With the growth of membership, Hatchworks needed a system that would help them streamline administrative tasks. They were looking for a platform that would allow them to manage memberships, payments, and bookings in an efficient and organized way. They wanted to reduce the amount of time and energy required to manage administrative tasks so they could focus on building community and providing a great experience for members.

The Process of andcards Adoption

At the time of this success story release, Hatchworks Coworking has been using andcards for nearly six months already. According to Erika, the system implementation was pretty seamless notwithstanding the fact that Hatchworks has a lot of members and they had to change over subscriptions, transfer all of them from their previous software into andcards and notify members about the change.

Anastasia, andcards customer happiness manager, has been amazing at helping me get all of the system implementation steps worked out, bit by bit.

Hatchwork's strategy for adopting the andcards app was to first roll out the web app to members, allowing them to become familiar with the billing and booking of meeting rooms. The team then launched a mobile app that also integrated with the lock system, which was met with great enthusiasm from members. The app allowed members to book day passes and even connect with other members for services like finding an electrician.

I liked that we did the web app rollout first. People stopped me and they're like, the app is so amazing. Oh my gosh, I love your app… people are using it and loving it.

Our old site was really outdated. We built a site on WordPress and it goes directly to the andcards app so customers can book day passes and other amenities. People are just using it which I think is the biggest testimony that people love it.

To help members adopt the app, Hatchworks threw a St. Patrick's Day party and sent out email blasts, encouraging members to download and use the app to access the building. Additionally, the team revamped their outdated website to seamlessly connect with the app, making it easy for members to book and access Hatchwork's amenities.

Event at Hatchworks Coworking space

We do love to throw a party. We had a St. Patrick's Day party in addition to sending out email blasts, I would just say to everyone that if you don’t have the app you won't be able to get in.

How andcards Addressed Challenges at Hatchworks Coworking

  • Automation of bookings and day passes

The andcards platform has revolutionized the way Hatchworks manages desk and meeting room bookings, as well as the sale of day passes. By leveraging the power of automation, customers can effortlessly book a desk or room or purchase a day pass directly through the Hatchworks app, without requiring any assistance from administrators.

The automation of desks and memberships has been amazing. It's so easy for people to set up their membership and book a day pass, and it's all seamless.

Thanks to the seamless and intuitive nature of the andcards system, the entire process can be completed in a matter of seconds, with just a few taps of the screen. Meanwhile, administrators retain full control over all sales and bookings but are able to save valuable time that would otherwise be spent on manual handling.

Desk and room booking system on Hatchworks coworking space app developed by andcards
  • Automation of invoicing and payment collection

Hatchworks Coworking has embraced the power of automation with andcards' innovative Auto-Invoice and Auto-Pay solutions. With these tools in place, administrators no longer need to worry about managing subscriptions, invoicing, or payment collection.

Auto-Invoice takes care of the entire invoicing process by automatically generating and delivering invoices to customers. These invoices are based on subscriptions, which define the recurring rent fee and various add-ons, such as bookings, shop orders, and event passes. This eliminates the need for manual invoice creation, freeing up valuable time and effort for administrators.

andcards has made invoicing and payments so much easier, although there are still occasional challenges like when a company wants to pay a part of a member’s bill. Overall, it's made things way, way easier.

Auto-Pay then seamlessly takes over payment collection once the invoice is ready. The due amount is automatically charged to the connected bank account (ACH), credit card, or Google/Apple Pay, eliminating the need for tenants to pay manually every time. Administrators no longer have to chase delinquent members or send out constant reminders, as andcards takes care of everything from start to finish.

  • Secure and automated access

Hatchworks Coworking has taken its coworking space to the next level of accessibility and security through the integration of andcards with Kisi. This combination has resulted in a fully automated system that eliminates the need for plastic cards and physical keys, saving precious time for both members and staff.

With this cutting-edge technology, 24/7 access to the space is granted or revoked automatically based on a member's subscription status. This ensures that only authorized and paying members can enter, leading to increased security and peace of mind.

One of the most significant improvements in the system has been the introduction of in-app unlocking. This feature enables members to unlock doors without having to download a separate Kisi app or create a new account. Instead, door unlocking is seamlessly integrated into the Hatchworks app that members already use to book rooms and pay invoices, providing an effortless and convenient experience.

  • Enhanced sense of community

Hatchworks Coworking has successfully built a strong sense of community among its members with the help of the andcards app. Members of Hatchworks are able to connect with each other through the app, enabling them to post requests for help and receive responses from other members in the community feed.

andcards has really brought our community together. It's great to see people connecting with each other, helping each other out with things like finding a babysitter or sharing tips and advice.

The feed allows members to stay up-to-date with community news and events. Push notifications ensure that members never miss important updates, which has led to increased satisfaction and a stronger sense of community.

In addition, the app facilitates easy communication between members and administrators through one-on-one chat and support tickets. This has allowed members to connect with peers and seek assistance from administrators whenever needed, resulting in a more collaborative and supportive community.

  • Easy event management

The andcards app offers a unique advantage over its competitors by providing a fully-fledged events management system as part of its main features. This system has proven to be a valuable asset for Hatchworks Coworking, making it easier for members to discover and join events.

Events and Shop on Hatchworks Coworking app developed by andcards

With the andcards events management system, members can easily view event showcases, review attendee lists, and join events with just a tap on their web or mobile app. As soon as a member joins an event, they receive a follow-up email containing all the necessary details, including an event pass that can be scanned for quick registration. The event is also automatically added to the member's calendar and can be canceled at any time.

We have lots of events, and being able to sell tickets or require RSVPs right in the app is fantastic. It's also great advertising for our community, driving more people to join us.

Hatchworks administrators benefit from the system as well, as they can easily organize multiple events each month without the hassle of manual preparation. The system provides a clear view of the number of customers attending, allowing administrators to set limitations on the number of guests to comply with sanitary norms and venue capacity. Once the limit is reached, the system marks the event with a "Sold out" badge, creating a sense of urgency among members to join quickly.

Furthermore, the andcards event management system allows administrators to make some events available to the general public, attracting new customers and generating additional revenue. Non-members can view the event showcase, join, and pay through the Hatchworks app, making the system accessible to all.

The system stores all attendee details, which can be used for marketing purposes, allowing Hatchworks to promote future events and create targeted marketing campaigns. This provides a valuable opportunity to increase membership and revenue.

  • Online shopping experience for members

One of the ways in which andcards has proven to be an asset for Hatchworks Coworking is through its ability to sell merchandise directly to members. Hatchworks can offer a variety of merchandise, such as hats for St. Patrick's Day, and members can purchase these items seamlessly through their app.

Now we even have merch for sale, which is just another way to make things easy for our members. They can buy hats or other items right from our website or the app.

By offering an online store directly in their app, Hatchworks has been able to upsell members with ease. Members can browse merchandise offerings and make purchases without the need to leave the app, streamlining the entire purchasing process.

This convenience has not gone unnoticed by members, who appreciate the ease of being able to purchase merchandise with just a few clicks. By providing an online store, Hatchworks has been able to offer a wider range of products to members, generating additional revenue for the space.

Furthermore, the andcards platform makes it easy for Hatchworks to manage their online store. The system allows administrators to add products, manage inventory, and track sales all from one central location. This not only saves time but also ensures accuracy and efficiency in managing the online store.

  • Streamlined Onboarding Process

The andcards platform has helped Hatchworks Coworking to create a seamless and effortless customer journey. Members can easily activate their accounts through an invitation link and immediately gain access to a variety of features, including bookings, community feed, perks, events, and shop.

Hatchworks Coworking space app developed by andcards

One of the ways in which andcards has been especially helpful to Hatchworks is through its information section. This section has been essential in providing basic guidelines to community members, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and informed about Hatchworks' policies and procedures.

Our guidelines are right there for everyone to see, ensuring that our community can work and flow together seamlessly. By having everything at the tip of your fingers, including rules like our dog-friendly policy, we have streamlined the entire experience for our members.

With Hatchworks experiencing rapid growth, keeping everyone informed and up to date can be a challenge. However, the information section in andcards has made this process much more manageable. Hatchworks administrators can easily update the information section as needed, ensuring that members always have access to the latest guidelines and policies.

andcards really automated everything. I don't know how I ran this business before without having the system at hand.

Results of andcards Adoption

  • Hatchworks Coworking doubled in size in just 6 months

The growth of Hatchworks since the adoption of andcards has been remarkable. The statistics show that the number of day passes being booked has steadily increased, with at least 3 to 5 day passes being processed through the app each day. Even without the busy tourism season, the numbers are impressive, and it's clear that more and more people are taking advantage of the services provided by Hatchworks.

One of the reasons for this growth is the ease and convenience that the andcards app provides. Conference rooms are now listed with all amenities, making it easier for customers to choose the best option for their needs. With a total of 8 main conference rooms, 10 phone booths, and 2 meeting rooms, customers have a lot of options to choose from.

At Hatchworks, we've seen tremendous growth since implementing andcards. We've noticed a significant increase in the number of day passes and conference room bookings, with at least three to five day passes booked per day. With the ability to list each conference room's amenities, such as Ethernet ports, TVs, and whiteboards, we now have a total of eight main conference rooms, 10 phone booths, and two meeting rooms available for our members. And during this time, we've doubled in size. It's a testament to our hard work and the benefits that andcards has brought to our community.

Hatchworks Coworking results with andcards coworking space software
  • Day passes sales increased by 163%

Before the pandemic, the day pass sales at Hatchworks Coworking were relatively stagnant, with numbers remaining flat for two years. However, since November, the adoption of andcards has led to a significant increase in day pass sales, with a growth rate of 163% all-time. This increase in sales is impressive, especially considering that it was achieved with way less communication efforts. In terms of actual numbers, day pass sales have gone from a total of 20-30 passes per month pre-pandemic to at least 50 per month currently, and this number is still growing.

Our day pass sales have increased by 163% since before the pandemic, and we're still growing. In fact, just in day passes alone, we've seen a significant increase. We've gone from about 20-30 day passes a month pre-pandemic to at least 50 a month now, and we've achieved this with way less communication needed to get them done. The changes we made starting in November have had a huge impact on our success.

  • $1000+ saved monthly

The adoption of andcards has provided significant cost savings for Hatchworks Coworking. As Erika mentioned, they estimate saving at least $1000 a month by not having to hire an administrative person to manage their bookings and invoicing.

andcards provides incredible value for the money. We would have to pay at least four times the amount we're paying now for an administrative person to do what they do. It's simply unbeatable.

  • Dozens of manager’s hours saved weekly

Prior to using andcards, Erika would work at least 10 hours a day, constantly checking emails and trying to keep up with daily tasks. However, since implementing andcards, she has been able to shift her focus from being so heavily involved in daily operations to being more strategic about the business. This has allowed the operator to save dozens of hours each week and work more efficiently.

Automation has been a game changer for our business. With the exponential growth we've experienced, it's hard to put a number on the time saved, but I was working at least 10 hours a day just trying to stay on top of things. Now, automation has freed up my time and allowed me to focus on strategic business decisions rather than just daily operations.

  • 92% of successful invoices payment rate

andcards' automated invoicing system made the payment process easy and efficient for Hatchworks Coworking. This high success rate proves that the coworking space gets money for the provided services in a timely manner.

  • 78% of invoices are auto-paid

In addition to successful invoice payment rates, 78% of invoices at Hatchworks Coworking are now auto-paid through the software. This means that members no longer have to manually pay their invoices, which has streamlined the payment process and reduced the workload for managers.

  • 85% of members book amenities by themselves

Another result of andcards adoption is that 85% of members are now able to self-book their desks and rooms without an administrator’s help. This has eliminated the need for constant communication between managers and members, freeing up managers' time to focus on other aspects of the business.

Overall, these results show that the adoption of andcards has greatly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the business, leading to better customer experiences and reduced workload for managers.

The Unexpected Benefits of andcards Discovered by Hatchworks

One of the most delightful aspects of andcards for Erika is the ongoing discovery of its benefits. She continues to uncover new advantages, such as the ease with which she can access business performance analytics and the level of member engagement on the community feed. These features have pleasantly surprised her, highlighting the platform's effectiveness in every aspect the operator faces.

I'm constantly discovering new benefits on andcards, but the biggest surprise for me has been the level of automation and the fantastic reporting. We've never had analytics like this before without spending hours putting them together. Seeing our community connect and grow together through the platform is just incredible. Even though there were naysayers who doubted people would use it, I always believed they would, and seeing our members loving it is truly rewarding.

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