How andcards Helped LAMB Attract 1K Customers with Events

Lindsay Hedenskog
Lindsay Hedenskog
How andcards Helped LAMB Attract 1K Customers with Events

Most Flexible Anti-burnout Coworking Space

LAMB is the most flexible anti-burnout coworking space and social club in Stockholm. It is deeply focused on mental and physical health, wellbeing, and happiness. LAMB members get a kind of all-in-one membership that includes access to a calm workspace to successfully accomplish daily tasks, dozens of inspiring events to attend every month, gym, meditation rooms, infrared saunas, podcast studio, and more.

LAMB coworking space interior

Here’s what Lindsay Hedenskog, CEO and COO of LAMB says about the unique nature of LAMB:

We wanted to create a space that was going to be one place where you could meet both physical and mental-emotional needs that make you healthy and happy. All under one roof as part of an ecosystem that is already a natural part of your life which is your workspace.

At LAMB you set off on the journey of growth surrounded by other people in a supportive environment that easily becomes a part of your everyday life without making you change too much.

Trying to push something that doesn’t exist in the market can get challenging at times. Some of those challenges are really practical, so Lindsay wanted to solve them with the help of technology.

Challenges at Lamb to Be Resolved With a Coworking System

  • Utmost flexibility for members

It seems like flexibility is at the core of the coworking space, so Lindsay was very surprised that none of the popular coworking systems could solve this simple problem for LAMB. She wanted more flexibility for members. She wanted to enable customers to decide what they need at any time and easily get that. That was something they were not willing to compromise on.

I remember sitting in a phone call after phone call after phone call with every coworking software on the planet and just banging my head against the wall because they couldn't solve the problem. Everybody's still thinking in the same black and white square box kind of way. It all lasted until I hopped on the call with Igor from andcards. — Lindsay Hedenskog, CEO and COO of LAMB here and below unless otherwise stated

  • Communicate brand message clearly

The next challenge is the language LAMB was using to communicate the fact that they are creating something to help members design their life around what matters. The slang was already cooped by a lot of different industries including wellness giants. It was really easy to get lost in the mire of other companies.

We have to call ourselves a coworking space to meet a market need. But at the same time, it's more than a coworking space. So, this is a type of communication challenge we were facing. When you create something brand new, how do you describe to people what it is?

Lindsay was to find a way to make brand message connect to people. LAMB is more than a coworking space, it’s something new, which makes it difficult to describe. So, the most powerful way to send a brand message without saying it is hosting events, which brings LAMB to the next technical challenge.

LAMB coworking space interior
  • Events as a holistic part of the coworking offer

From everything said above, we understand that hosting regular community events is an inevitable part of LAMB’s culture.

A big part of being able to make positive changes in your life is having a support system. And not everybody's got that at home or with their families and friends. Some people don't have that strong support system. So the community part was so important to us to create.

Organizing networking events so often is a monstrous task that lies on the administrator’s shoulders. It’s quite natural that Lindsay was looking to automate the most tedious and time-consuming part of it with the help of coworking software.

However, most of the systems didn’t offer any in-app solution. They suggested third-party integrations with big platforms such as Eventbrite.

Every other coworking software that we looked at was outsourcing events. It was so clear that it was just not a holistic part of the coworking offer. We were talking to companies that were like “yeah we can have events but then they need to pay cash or we're going to send them off to a third-party integration like Eventbrite and then they're going to book through there.” But then members are going to get all this communication from Eventbrite and then they're not our customers anymore. We can't own that communication.

This was not an option for LAMB. They wanted to establish connections and communicate with their members without any mediators. It was a fundamental requirement to make all space offerings including events easily available to members from one single platform they use for everything else.

We want to give members this giant breadth of offerings. We want to do it in a way that's really easy and that lives in the same place as everything else they need.

One App to Address All Specific Needs

  • An app like a candy shop

Since LAMB is an extremely member-focused coworking space, andcards suggested to solve the issue with ultimate customers’ comfort and communicating brand messages through the introduction of branded apps.

Today, whenever a new member joins LAMB, they come into an onboarding with their head of the community and get invited to the app. As soon as they open this “candy shop”, they start to see their account, meeting rooms, perks, events, newsfeed, and everything valuable their membership includes.

We wanted to make it really easy to book, really easy to unbook, really easy to see the variety. We wanted our members to feel like they open up the app and it's like a candy shop. When members open their apps for the first time, a lot of them have the same reaction which is “Oh, WOW, so modern, so endless, WOW.” They love it.

Members’ apps are available both on the web and mobile platforms, so there are no barriers to using them. The interface is so simple and intuitive that members don’t require advance training, they just download their apps, easily discover all LAMB services and start to apply for the ones they wish. Any operation can be completed in a couple of taps.

LAMB web and mobile apps developed by andcards

We wanted to give our customers super functional and easy-to-use apps and we managed to do it with andcards. Members use them every day and we never get questions like “How do I do this in the app?” I think that is incredible feedback. The only thing they've ever asked about is “How do I cancel an event in the app?” which is really easy to do from the Ticket page. That's it.

andcards doesn’t offer separate apps for members and administrators. It’s the same product, so managers see exactly the same interface that their customers do. The difference is in the level of permissions. This makes the platform easy and convenient not only for members but administrators alike. They have a full overview of all members’ self-service activities and can quickly add/edit perks, services, events, auto-generate bills and send them for payment from any gadget they have at hand, be it a smartphone or a laptop.

The thing that I appreciate about andcards is that is what I think a lot of other coworking software is doing wrong. They build their apps for the coworking operator. And what I really adore about andcards is that you guys built your app from the member's perspective. It's not filled with a bunch of stuff that you don't need. It's only filled with essential features. So it's really easy to navigate. It's really easy to find what you need.

  • Credits as an internal currency at LAMB

The introduction of a credits system was extremely important for the LAMB business model. 80% of space customers are women. And women have a very distinct problem, they are very reluctant to spend time and money on self-care.

If you have a monetary amount tied to that, you are setting yourself up to ask for a hard trade-off. And a lot of times it's like “if I spend that money on this, then I'm not spending it on this.” For us, it felt like we were trying to get over the roadblocks of why people don't choose themselves.

Lindsay and her team had to be very inventive to remove the roadblocks and make their female customers finally choose themselves. They wanted to abstract the process of caring for yourself so that it didn't feel like spending money. And now they have this opportunity because they established credits, their own currency that can be used in different ways—to motivate, encourage, and reward members.

Members purchase services through the app using their pre-paid credits instead of real money because this is stress-free and exciting, almost like a thrill of online shopping type of experience.

Credit system inside LAMB app developed by andcards coworking space management system

Here’s how the credit system works at LAMB in simple words:

  1. Members get their initial credit package when they purchase a membership. For instance, entry-level social club membership at LAMB costs 690 kroner a month, which is roughly 65 euros. New members get 6 credits in the package which they can spend on things they like at LAMB (classes, yoga, massage, sauna, paid events, whatever.) If they don’t use those temporary credits within the month, they expire, which stimulates members to use their credits on wellbeing activities and things that make them happy.

They've already paid for the credits, the transaction has happened. But the credits give them monopoly money to play with. So automatically it feels more fun. Those credits are in their account. The only choice is to use them and it’s an easy choice. Instead of spending 200 kroner to go to an event, they're spending their two credits, and they treat those credits like gold.

  1. When members run out of credits, they can either buy a credit package available through the app (such credits are permanent and will never expire). Or they will get the next batch of their temporary credits next month after they pay for their membership.

They can purchase as many credits as they want to. But with their membership, they get six. They are so protective of those credits. They get their account filled up every month and then they go: “Okay, what am I gonna spend it on? Should I do sculpting and yoga, or should I go to that cooking class and then do infrared sauna, or should I mmm..?” And they always complain that they don't get enough credits because there's so much that they want to do.

  1. Credits are distributed automatically, so space managers don’t spend time refilling members’ credit accounts.

Members love their credits. They will Slack our community manager and it's like “When is my credit account refill date? There are all these events, I want to go to.

  1. Administrators have full control of members’ credit accounts and can manually add them as a reward. For instance, when people refer new members at LAMB, they get permanent credits. Besides, administrators at LAMB use credits to help members develop healthy habits and routines.

Now we're talking about using the credits as a gamification-like reward system. If a member goes to the gym three times a week, we are going to reward them with extra permanent credits. Or if they develop a healthy habit that they do for some weeks in a row, we can reward them with credits.

So we've built up this. Members understand the value of credits, they want them, they save them, they squirrel them away to spend on the things they really want. And now we can turn it around in a sort of tool to encourage the healthy habits and routines that we really want to see and do it in a way that doesn't create pressure on people.

  • Events that reside in the main app

Unlike competitors, andcards offers a fully-fledged events management system as a part of the main app. This makes LAMB events extremely easy to discover and join for members. They just open their web or mobile apps and see what new events have been added, view events showcase, review other attendees, and easily join the ones they like in a tap.

Events management system inside LAMB app developed by andcards

As soon as a member joins the event, they get a follow-up email with details, event pass, the event is added to their calendar and can be canceled at any moment.

The thing about the events is that it is such a powerful way for us to send our message without saying it out. Our event schedule says so much about who we are and what we do without having to say anything. By offering the Events feature inside the main app, andcards helped us paint that picture.

LAMB administrators can choose to make some of the events available to the general public to attract new customers and earn some cash. Nonmembers only need to have the LAMB app to see the showcase, join and pay.

Oh my god, you guys launched the best feature ever! Now we can have people from the public come in and book events without having to provide their email addresses right away. We get to say, here's all the wonderful stuff we've planned for you to book. Here's your follow-up email, here's the thing to add it to your calendar, here's the way to cancel it, here's your event pass. Everything is right there and it's so easy.

Administrators at LAMB organize several events every week on average, which could be really time-consuming if done manually. The system helps them get prepared better. They always know the number of customers coming, they set limitations on the number of guests to comply with sanitary norms. When the limit is reached, the system marks the event with “Sold out” badge, which visually demonstrates the urgency. Members see that events are popular and hurry up to join them right after the new offers appear on the reel. Event pass automatically generated by the solution helps managers quickly register guests. It goes without saying that all attendees' details are stored by the system and can be used by the space for marketing purposes.

Summarizing Results of andcards Introduction

Between the event feature and the ability to let our customers use credits there was no other choice for us. It was just andcards. Nobody else could even remotely compete.

  • Newly put up events are sold out within the first couple of days

andcards app helped LAMB make their events incredibly popular, which is a real pain for most of the coworking spaces. Out of five newly put up events three are sold out in a couple of days. Members know that as soon as the new events are added, they have to go into their apps and book because otherwise the event they are interested in is going to get filled up. The average attendance rate for each event at LAMB is 80%.

Thanks to andcards we've created this excitement, this demand, this really cool experience around our events. This is like online shopping for your next learning experience.

  • Events attracted around 1000 people to LAMB in six months

Events featured in the LAMB app help them attract new customers and get stable revenue. In 6 months, 1000 people have visited their events.

When we were just brand new and just starting to fill up, our events attracted a thousand people to LAMB in six months.

Those events are surely not free, which brings the space a good income. LAMB members pay for events they join in credits but every credit basically has a monetary equivalent.

We let our members pay in credits but every credit basically has a monetary equivalent. So, one credit is a hundred kroner, which is roughly 10 euros.

  • Dozens of managers’ hours saved with events automation system

andcards events management solution available inside the main platform made it way simpler for LAMB managers to organize, promote, and sell events to both members and non-members.

This whole thing about making events public is amazing. You just changed our entire work process, saved us many dozens of hours that we spent managing events. You've made it so easy and so simple.

LAMB coworking space success story - results of andcards adoption
  • Members start to use their self-service apps immediately, zero training is required

LAMB apps add value to membership and improve the member experience. They don’t require any preliminary training neither for members nor for administrators. Members get online access to all workspace services right after sign up and get them in a tap.

Administrators don’t get any questions on how to make a booking or payment in the app, which saves a lot of time and effort.

The fact is that our members can use the app and it's easy. We never get questions like “How do I do this in the app?”

We have almost 150 members who are all really excited to be at Lamb and they get what we do and are happy with what they get. andcards product proved to be pretty helpful in delivering our message efficiently and building loyalty to our brand.

  • 5-star andcards support as an unexpected benefit

Along with everything mentioned above, LAMB is very happy with andcards customer support, its quick responses, regular product updates, and fast features development.

We are such huge andcards fans. We call them with all kinds of ideas and all kinds of requests and they react so fast. Nothing is ever perfect but we know that whatever we're missing we can ask you guys and if it's important enough, we'll have it in one or two months. I never had that experience working with any supplier ever. So amazing. We are like, over the moon with you, guys, and I cannot recommend it enough and it's not just the app. It's the experience of working with you, guys too. You're just there, you get it and you want to know more, you are curious and you want to help.

Author's Note:

In 2023, LAMB bid farewell to its cherished space on Drottninggatan, marking the end of a chapter. Lindsay, now venturing into consulting, sees it as the beginning of a new journey towards a sustainable work life. While physical doors may have closed, the essence of LAMB lives on, shaping the ongoing narrative of redefining work culture. The story continues, and we're excited for the chapters that lie ahead.

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