A Seamless Migration to andcards Drives Mox.E's 62% Revenue Boost

Haley Garcia
Haley Garcia
A Seamless Migration to andcards Drives Mox.E's 62% Revenue Boost

Mox.E Coworking, located in Chicago is a thriving community for entrepreneurs. They offer coaching, connections, and access to capital. Founded by Entrenuity Inc., a trusted non-profit with over two decades of experience, Mox.E emerged from the needs of the business community.

It's a place where entrepreneurs find the support they need to succeed. With a focus on collaboration, growth, and resilience, Mox.E is different because it's intentionally designed to serve Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities.

When you walk through the doors of Mox.E Coworking, you find a valuable resource. It's a place to connect with like-minded individuals, collaborate on business ventures, and chase your entrepreneurial dreams.

"Mox.E empowers entrepreneurs with coaching, connections, and capital opportunities, focusing on Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities. We're more than a workspace; we're a hub for success."Haley Garcia, Community Manager at Mox.E Coworking, here and below unless otherwise noted.

Mox.E Coworking space

Challenges Faced by Mox.E Coworking

Before Mox.E Coworking started using andcards, they were using a different system. However, they encountered some problems with this product that made things difficult.

1. Usability Issues for Users and Administrators

Mox.E's old system provided a members' app, but it proved tricky for Mox.E members. Many faced issues when trying to log in or reset their passwords, leading to frustration. Booking rooms through the app also posed difficulties, often requiring assistance. As a result, members frequently sent numerous emails to Haley just to inquire about room availability.

“We switched from Nexudus to andcards because the system wasn't user-friendly for my members. They faced numerous challenges, from logging in to resetting their passwords. They also couldn't easily book rooms on their own. With andcards, I wanted to provide a more user-friendly experience, allowing my members to automate their workflows and book rooms seamlessly.”

Interior and community at Mox.E Coworking space

Even the staff had a hard time using the legacy system. It was complicated, and training the team to do things like adding new members or setting up invoices was tough.

"Nexudus was challenging for both my members and staff. Training them on the backend tasks like adding new members and setting up invoicing was difficult. However, due to my prior experience with a different company's onboarding process, using andcards felt more intuitive and user-friendly for both my members and staff in operating and managing the space."

2. Wasting Time on Handling Customer Inquiries and Routine Tasks

Instead of letting members and external customers handle their own bookings, old management software made administrators, including front desk staff, do this job. This created extra work for Mox.E's team.

"One of the significant challenges we wanted to address with andcards was reducing the administrative burden, particularly in handling inquiries about room availability. It was time-consuming and inefficient to respond to these inquiries via email."

Mox.E had to spend a lot of time on routine tasks, like answering the same questions about room availability or sending invoices. This took up a big part of their day.

Members and interior at Mox.E Coworking space

"As a coworking operator, my days were often consumed by redundant availability inquiries and administrative tasks, leaving me tied to my computer. andcards aimed to streamline this process and free up more of my time for other essential community management tasks."

To fix these issues, Mox.E decided to switch to andcards. The transition was really smooth thanks to the responsive and supportive andcards team committed to problem-solving. The efficient onboarding process was especially helpful for Haley as a solo manager.

Members and meeting room at Mox.E Coworking space

What's impressive is that Mox.E was already using their legacy management software with existing members. So, they had to move all the member subscriptions, restart the billing, and transfer room bookings. It's a tough task for a running coworking space, but Mox.E's experience shows that it's possible to do this quickly and enjoy the process.

"The migration to andcards was easy, and what really made the difference was the responsive andcards team. Their commitment to addressing challenges has been outstanding. The onboarding was smooth, and their assistance in inputting information was especially helpful, considering I manage Mox.E on my own. Overall, I value and enjoy both the platform and the team."

Solving Mox.E Coworking's Pain Points

andcards has made a big difference for Mox.E Coworking in managing their space. Here's how it transformed their operations:

1. Streamlined Booking System

One significant challenge at Mox.E Coworking was the reliance on administrators for room and desk bookings. However, with the introduction of the andcards booking system, things have taken a turn for the better. This system simplifies the process for both members and non-members, enabling them to easily discover available rooms and desks, make reservations, complete payments, and get reminders for their bookings—all conveniently from their smartphones.

Mox.E's room and desk booking system developed by andcards

For administrators, the platform removes the burden of manual booking management, while still providing oversight. It offers a clear overview of room and desk availability, prevents double bookings, handles payments, and even accommodates external reservations. The entire process is now much smoother and hassle-free.

"Now, it's as simple as sharing a booking link. My internal staff, members and guests can easily see available rooms, access room details, book, and make automatic payments. This has effectively tackled the challenge of reducing my time spent at the desk, handling inquiries about room availability."

2. Simplified Invoicing and Payment Collection

Invoicing has often been a time-consuming task for many coworking spaces, and Mox.E Coworking was no exception. However, with the introduction of andcards' Auto-Invoice and Auto-Pay features, this challenge has been effectively addressed.


The Auto-Invoice feature takes care of generating and delivering invoices to customers based on their subscription plans. These invoices encompass recurring rent fees and various add-ons, including bookings, shop orders, and event passes. This automated process eliminates the need for manual invoice creation, saving Mox.E’s valuable time and effort.

Invoicing system for coworking spaces developed by andcards


With the Auto-Pay feature, payments for these invoices are automatically collected. Once the members' subscriptions are renewed, the invoice due amount is charged from the member's connected bank account or credit card automatically. This automation removes the burden of manual payments, relieving administrators from the task of chasing delinquent members or sending constant reminders.

3. Intuitive Apps for Everyone

Members and administrators at Mox.E Coworking are thrilled with the new branded web and mobile apps, finding them incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. The secret lies in the apps' adherence to well-established design principles, such as Human Guidelines for iOS and Material Design 3 for Android. Moreover, the apps include accessibility features that cater to a diverse range of individual needs, creating a more inclusive experience for all.

Mox.E Coworking app developed by andcards

Now, both members and non-members can effortlessly explore available services, make bookings, handle payments, participate in events, and connect with the coworking community independently. In addition, administrators have the flexibility to manage coworking space operations on the go.

"andcards has truly transformed our member experience. The platform's user-friendliness has made a world of difference. Members now effortlessly see what's available, book their spaces, and engage within our community. Unlike our previous system, Nexudus, this platform is intuitive, clean, and the feedback has been outstanding. I personally enjoy how simple it has made everything."

4. Easy Community Management

Migration to andcards has brought about a significant transformation in community management at Mox.E Coworking. Members customize their profile information on Member Directory, search for people with similar interests and connect with them through chat or by phone and email.

Additionally, the Community Feed has become a central hub for all things Mox.E. Think of it as your own exclusive social network, where members can like and comment on posts, keeping everyone updated and engaged.

Community Feed and Events on Mox.E app developed by andcards

Furthermore, the Events showcase provides a convenient platform for members to explore upcoming events, learn all the details, and seamlessly join in on the activities.

"Mox.E app has become the go-to source for all Moxie updates, from space closures to event details. Our members have embraced it, and they're now more self-sufficient, engaging with each other and even hosting their events through the app. It's made my role much more efficient."

Mox.E’s Achievements with andcards

Now let's take a look at the impressive results that Mox.E achieved through their adoption of andcards.

Mox.E's Coworking results of andcards adoption

  • 5 Admin Hours Saved Daily

The introduction of andcards app has led to a daily time-saving of approximately 5 hours for Mox.E Coworking. Members now have a self-service solution for their inquiries, significantly reducing the workload for administrators.

“We're likely saving around four to five hours daily, particularly on member inquiries. This positive change is primarily due to our app, which has made a remarkable impact.”

  • 62% Revenue Growth in Nine Months

Mox.E Coworking has witnessed a remarkable 62% growth in revenue, with a substantial portion, approximately 42%, attributed to the ease of booking and invoicing.

"Our revenue has surged by a remarkable 62%, with about 42% of this growth credited to the ease of booking and seamless invoicing. Automatic invoicing and the convenience of app-based payments have made it effortless for customers to handle their invoices. These improvements have significantly contributed to our financial success."

  • 60% of Invoices Are Paid Automatically

Mox.E has adopted andcards' "Auto-Pay" and "Auto-Invoice" features, which have resulted in 60% of their invoices being paid automatically. This means that every month, they receive 60% of their expected revenue charged right away with the app. This feature has greatly benefited Mox.E, as it saves time and effort in the payment process and ensures timely payment of invoices.

  • 30% Bookings Increase

Mox.E Coworking saw a 30% increase in bookings thanks to their app, which allows organizations to easily book meeting spaces on demand. The best part is that executive assistants can make reservations and payments independently, making it a convenient solution for both parties.

“We've seen a significant increase in bookings, particularly from organizations that aren't members but love our space for their leadership and board meetings. With our app, executive assistants can easily book meeting spaces on demand. It's a great feeling to see bookings come in automatically and know that our technology is making a real difference in how people work."

  • 24% Increase in Payment Numbers

The Mox.E app's user-friendly design has led to a 24% increase in payment transactions. With an 89% transaction success rate, users find it easy to make payments, making the app a reliable choice.

"I haven't received any complaints from customers about having difficulty making payments because the payment button wasn't working. It's like the app is designed to be user-friendly for payments."

Unexpected Benefits of andcards

During their use of andcards, Mox.E unexpectedly discovered some benefits of the platform. Let's explore them in more detail.

  • Feed

Mox.E Coworking found an unexpected treasure in andcards Feed. It has boosted member engagement, encouraging them to discuss their business and organization updates. The convenience of having Community Feed inside the main app members use for bookings has replaced the need for Slack. Members now enjoy sharing activities seamlessly through the Mox.E app. The Feed's user-friendly layout, akin to a website's front page, has garnered positive feedback, making it a valuable addition to Mox.E.

"The andcards Feed has become the hub for our members to discuss their business activities and Mox.E updates. We've replaced Slack with Feed, focusing all our communications in one place. Members appreciate the convenience of having community updates at their fingertips. The Feed's layout is reminiscent of a website's front page, and I find it particularly appealing."

  • Sharable Links

Mox.E Coworking found a delightful surprise in andcards—the ability to effortlessly share links to their offerings. They can copy and paste links to their products even on mobile devices and embed them on their website, all without the need for any coding. It's a hassle-free feature that adds to the convenience of using andcards.

"It's incredibly convenient to copy and paste links to our products and share them or embed them in our website. What's even better is that there's no need for any complex coding; it's as simple as plugging in the link into an email. This is the feature that I genuinely appreciate and find pretty cool."

  • One app for all coworking needs

Mox.E Coworking realized that they could streamline all their coworking necessities into a single app. Sharing the app became a breeze by just sending a link. Mox.E even allows members to promote their services through the app to help their business grow. For example, they created events for members of women's group in the app, and everyone outside of Mox.E community could easily access it. The ability to consolidate everything into one app has turned into a delightful surprise.

"It's so simple, just send this link, and people can easily access our app. I've even started using the Mox.E app for various groups. For instance, with our Mox.E women's group, I've found a way to provide added value to our members and let them use the app. It's like we've brought everything under one roof into our app, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it."

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