andcards Handbook

The purpose of this document is to share company values and working culture.

⏰ Last updated: April 23th, 2023.

Who We Are


To inspire a happier workspace experience for members.


We make coworking space services available from a smartphone.


🧠 Responsible — caring about work and deeply understanding its goal. 💬 Transparent — work and communicate openly. ✋ Honest — acknowledge problems and find solutions openly. 🚀 Agile — think and iterate fast to drive positive change.


andcards was founded by Igor and Ross in Seoul, South Korea. Having worked at corporations, they believe that a workspace could be a happier place. Coworking spaces, the recent flexible form of workspace, thrive on creativity and awesome services that contribute to a happier workspace experience. Working at a coworking space, Igor & Ross discovered that coworking spaces are in abundance of creativity but lack in technology, and embarked on a journey to bridge that gap — make coworking spaces easier to discover and use, therefore improving member experience and happiness.


andcards is a coworking space platform focused on members. It is available for all popular environments.

What makes us different

Member Focus — our priority is making coworking space accessible and convenient for coworking space members. We build and evolve our product around the experience of end users. The key priority is the ease of use, intuitiveness and simplicity of discovering and getting workspace services.

Platform Agnostic — we unbind you from desktop, giving full freedom to manage your coworking space from anywhere using your smartphone. Your customers can also choose any platform they like to experience your coworking space. Our apps are stunning and functional on all platforms.

Top-notch Support — we're obscessed with our customers. Ask any coworking space and they'll tell you they had never experienced such a level of customer appreciation and support with any other service.

Company Identity

andcards brand identity is composed of several elements:

  • Logo and logotype.
  • Color palette.
  • Various brand elements: labels, cover photos, t-shirts, etc.

Check out andcards brand guidelines for details.

How We Work


English (U.S.) is the official language for all andcards internal written and verbal communications. One-on-one internal written communications are also in English because sometimes it's necessary to forward a conversation. Use of another language is only allowed in the following cases:

  • Discussion and implementation of andcards localization.
  • Development of marketing and sales assets (keywords, blogs, advertising, etc.)
  • When referring to a 3rd party content in another language.
  • Verbal communications if agreed by all parties involved.
  • For external communication with people outside andcards team.

Tools & Tips

We use a variety of software tools and services to work. When you sign up for team services, make sure to include:

  • Full name in English.
  • Username based on your initials. For example, John Smith is js.
  • Company style profile photo with clearly visible face.
  • Strong password. Use company's 1password and 2FA to keep your account secure.

Google Workspace

Google account is for team productivity. We use it mainly for:

  • Email communication. Set a signature following template:

    Igor Dzhebyan Field of work andcards

    (844) AND–CRDS +48585859731 Email

  • Calendaring. Add all meetings and vacations into the work calendar. Join weekly sprint planning and company-wide events and holidays.
  • File storage. Join relevant Shared Drives and keep all shared files there. Never save anything to your device local storage! All files stored on Shared Drives are confidential.
  • Presentations. When you create new files use andcards presentation template. Press Theme on toolbar → Import theme at the bottom of the sidebar → search for andcards-slide-template.


Slack is our main communication tool. Join it using your Google Workspace account and fill in details in your profile. Tips to get the most out of Slack:

  • Follow username guidelines.
  • Feel free to chat with anyone on our team about anything.
  • Be mindful of timezones.
  • Use channels to organize communications by topic.
  • Connect Google Calendar to auto-set a status if you're out of office.
  • Download mobile apps to stay online.


Trello is our core project management tool. Here are some tips on how we use it:

  • Create a card for every task you work on.
  • Crosslink related cards on different boards (for example, customer request with associated development card).
  • Always follow the card template if available.
  • If you were tagged in comments, you must reply.
  • Always assign a realistic deadline and complete the task responsibly.
  • If you can't work on the task, assign someone else.
  • If you are board admin, you are responsible for overall board progress.


andcards Frontend

  • React
  • React Native

andcards Backend

  • Node.js microservices deployed to AWS Lambda
  • PostgreSQL, AWS DynamoDB
  • serverless
  • Vercel

Engineering Tech Stack

  • Babel
  • ESLint
  • Prettier
  • esbuild
  • Vite

The most up-to-date andcards technology stack is on Stackshare.

Engineering Software Stack

App Store ConnectDevelopers
Google Play StoreDevelopers

Product Analytics



Marketing efforts focus on promoting the use of technology to develop coworking space business. A sales process is designed to create value for customers through andcards products and get a transaction in return.

Marketing Outline

  • Content marketing focusing on key areas: member experience, productivity, and tips.
  • SEO to help coworking spaces discover andcards.
  • Building partnerships with industry resources through co-marketing activities.
  • Improving andcards brand recognition and visibility online.

Business Software Stack

HubSpotSales, Marketing
Google AnalyticsEveryone


Everybody wants to improve well-being, grow professionally, and realize personal goals. At the same time, we should be mindful of our company's health and growth. Personal welfare should be balanced with team achievements, and reflect the company situation.


We care about you and want to give you stable employment with encouraging and reasonable compensation. After a test period, you will sign an indefinite contract. Think of the contract between andcards and you as a win-win partnership in which you together with other team members put all your energy towards achieving company goals, and receive a portion of company wealth in return.


Compensation Formula

If you're with the product or marketing teams, your compensation is as follows:

Compensation = Base + Profit-Sharing

If you're with the customer happiness team, here's how it works:

Compensation = Base + Happiness + Activation + Profit-Sharing

Happiness is a bonus if a customer happiness index is 100% as measured by andcards.

Activation is 50% of the difference from the historic maximum on accounts with at least two meaningful & positive response touches in the last 3 months.

The compensation is paid on the 1st day of every month for the previous calendar month. You are responsible for all income taxes payable in your country. We support a tax advisor who'll calculate your dues.


Base is defined individually based on market and skills. It is reviewed every 6 month.


Upon reaching KPIs, you will receive a profit-sharing bonus according to your share ownership (see relevant section below).

Share Ownership

The benefits of working with andcards do not stop at your monthly compensation. We want to share with you the company itself. With us you will have the opportunity to receive a percentage of the company. Once our company increases its value, you can sell this stock with a considerable profit margin a few years later.


Maintaining a good work/life balance is essential to a happy life. We give unlimited days off allowances and encourage everyone to take time off. Taking some rest and refreshing minds helps to recharge batteries and come back to work more prepared than ever!

  • If you want to take a day off, just create an "Out of Office" event on Google Calendar.
  • If it's for vacation, please let us know about your plans at least one month in advance, and make sure to get approval from your department manager.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your job tasks are covered while you are away.
  • Working hours are flexible. You don't need to take a day off to go shopping, attend some personal business, help anyone, etc. Just make sure the rest of the team knows about it and your tasks are covered.
  • It is mandatory to join sprint planning call even during your time off, it's less than 1 hour and we discuss important team stuff.
  • Communicate your time off by synchronizing your Google Calendar with Slack status. If you are dealing with customers or provide emergency response, you must make sure that requests are being forwarded to a person who steps in during your absence.

Unlimited Remote

We encourage you to work remotely from a coworking space. Every team member has unlimited remote hours. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection capable of a Google Meet video call and a distraction-free environment.

Personal Development

We want you to have an enriching and healthy journey with andcards. Every full-time team member receives a welfare allowance of € 500 per year for health, sports, and education expenses. We'll transfer the allowance upfront. All that's required of you is to submit proof of relevant expenses for the total amount at the end of year. The unused amount will be deducted from the last compensation payment.


You can bring your own device or request us to provide you with a work computer. We strongly encourage team members to use Macs. During your onboarding, you will receive a guideline on ordering a work computer. In either case, we require you to ensure the high security of your device: use strong passwords, biometric authentication, and encrypt hard drives.

If you use a company-owned Apple device, we require the use of an Apple ID that is separate from any personal Apple IDs you may have.


We are against all forms of harassment based on gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation, race, social status, and any other factor. If you feel like you've been discriminated against or witnessed discrimination, let your supervisor know.


andcards is a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Poland (European Union).


andcards Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością ul. Polanki 76 80-302 Gdańsk Poland


VAT: PL5842781756 KRS: 0000772992 REGON: 382635060

Contacts +48 585 859 731 (844) AND-CRDS

Board of Directors

Igor Dzhebyan Rostyslav Khanas

Your time is valuable. Your members deserve the best.

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