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andcards integration with Proxy cloud-based access control system allows to grant access to your coworking space automatically and in real-time. Proxy is creating a unique identity signal for every member, tenant, and manager to enable instant mobile access to the flexible workspace.

andcards + Proxy for Members

  • Access shared workspace instantly upon signing up for the coworking space app.
  • Unlock the doors with a smartphone using the Proxy mobile app.

andcards + Proxy for Administrators

  • Grant members instant access to the workspace. andcards-Proxy integration takes care of everything from user registration to sending the mobile key. The integration improves member experience by giving 24/7 access when members need it and reducing wait times.
  • Register andcards user information in your Proxy dashboard automatically, saving time and reducing human error.
  • Automate email invitation to Proxy. All necessary instructions on how to use the system are sent to members right after the invitation to your coworking app.
  • With all users synchronized to your dashboard, take full advantage of the Proxy platform: manage access to all doors, lock and unlock the doors remotely, track activity data to understand usage patterns, and boost security at the shared workspace.

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