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CoworkIntel integration with andcards empowers coworking and flexible workspace operators with granular shared workspace data and analytics to make more intelligent revenue, distribution, and investment decisions.

CoworkIntel-andcards integration

The integration pulls data points, including desks, bookings, and transactions from andcards, into your CoworkIntel dashboard and aggregates them anonymously together with groups of five or more comparable operators tailored to your spaces. This allows you to gauge your performance data against your market's tailored competitive sets.

andcards + CoworkIntel for Administrators

  • Save hours of time by automating data flow and formatting from andcards into the CoworkIntel data analytics platform.
  • Understand your business performance by anonymously matching your KPIs tracked by andcards with those of the competitors collected by CoworkIntel’s industry database. 
  • Monitor local market rates, occupancy, desk types, tenant mixes, and more to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Maximize occupancy by optimizing rates and provision across your product portfolio.
  • Assess and invest effectively with genuine market feedback.
  • Identify unseen value drivers such as events, virtual offices, coffee, bar, etc. 
  • Uncover the services offered on the market but not in your space.
  • Explore year-over-year occupancy trends to pinpoint underperforming segments and make improvements.

CoworkIntel data platform dashboard

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