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buildBy: andcards This integration fuses Archilogic's expertise in floor plan digitization with andcards, empowering administrators to immediately visualize real-time desk and office availability. Users can effortlessly browse and reserve desks through the interactive floor plan interface, streamlining the process of securing workspaces that align perfectly with their current requirements.

Floor plans for coworking spaces: andcards - Archilogic integration

andcards + Archilogic for Administrators

  • Effortless Space Visualization: Gain a powerful workspace occupancy visualization tool, offering real-time insights into desk and office availability. Empower administrative, sales, and management teams with data-driven decisions on space availability according to the selected date/seating capacity.
  • Automated Space Mapping: Match offices and desks by their names automatically, eliminating the complexities of mapping spaces across multiple floors. See your workspace come to life on the interactive floor plan without any effort from your side.
  • Streamlined Space Management: Gain immediate visibility into desk and office availability. Respond promptly to changes and user needs with real-time insights.

andcards + Archilogic for Users

  • Intuitive Space Booking: Let members and external bookers easily explore, select, and book desks through an interactive floor plan, simplifying the process of finding the perfect workspace even in an unfamiliar environment.
  • Real-Time Availability: Provide up-to-date floor plans showing real-time desk availability, ensuring that anyone can secure the space they need when they need it.

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Drive recurring revenue, simplify operations, and boost member retention with andcards.