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Zendesk integration with andcards allows you to provide customer support services at your coworking space. For members it gives a convenient way to report issues and reach out to administrator, wherever they are. For administrators Zendesk is the full customer support system with ticketing, conversations, apps and integrations, that allow to provide a delightful customer experience.

Zendesk support chat available from andcards app

andcards + Zendesk for Members

  • Chat with the front desk or coworking space support team using the same app used for booking.

    • Report issues with a few taps.
    • Ask a question about membership or invoicing.
    • Thank administrator for amazing customer service.
  • Never miss new messages even if the app is closed thanks to continued conversation follow ups by email.

andcards + Zendesk for Administrators

  • Use Zendesk support suite for customer engagement. andcards-Zendesk integration allows to consolidate customer information and messaging in one easy-to-use platform.
  • Respond to customer messages and chats, for example issue reports.
  • Segment your customers by any automatically collected information or custom tags.
  • Utilize Zendesk chatbots to ask customers questions and route conversations to the responsible staff member. For example, customer who reported a Wi-Fi issue can be connected to support technician, whereas customer who asked about invoicing can talk to finance staff.
  • Evaluate the success of customer support with Zendesk support analytics. When conversations are closed, customers leave a review. Get average ratings, average response time, averate time to close, and other analytics to step up your customer support game.

Your time is valuable. Your members deserve the best.

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