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Pipedrive integration allows you to build a perfect customer journey and keep customer data in sync. Create a successful handoff from sales to community management by automating member invitation into your coworking space app. Keep customer information and activity in sync between andcards and Pipedrive.

Pipedrive CRM integration with andcards coworking space software

andcards + Pipedrive for Administrators

  • When a deal is won or updated on Pipedrive, invite related persons on andcards. This saves time and simplifies customer onboarding, allowing you to build a smooth customer journey.
  • When a person is updated on Pipedrive with "Customer" tag, invite the person on andcards. Similar to the above, this automation allows to speed up onboarding, saving time and reducing manual work.
  • When a new member is invited on andcards, create a person on Pipedrive. This automation helps to keep customer data in sync, so the sales team works with the most recent customer data.
  • When a booking is created on andcards, create note on Pipedrive person's timeline. This helps sales team to have a full context of customer interactions from within the CRM.

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