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Built and maintained by andcards

PayBox integration with andcards enables online payments at your coworking space or a flexible office. Managers don't need to chase members just to remind them about membership fees, bookings, and bills. Customers easily pay for your shared office services through your apps.

PayBox on andcards

PayBox + andcards for Members

  • Pay for meeting room and desk bookings, event passes, services, and monthly membership fees through plans and billing.
  • Use a familiar payment method (bank cards, electronic money, Apple Pay, internet banking, cash terminals) available in your country.

PayBox for coworking space members

PayBox + andcards for Administrators

  • Improve customer experience by giving your members a simple and familiar way to pay for the services without them having to contact an administrator.
  • Save time with a fully automated immediate payment collection. Transactions on PayBox and payment statuses on andcards are processed at nearly real-time.
  • Earn more by providing a fallback payment method for customers who ran out of free credits.
  • Consolidate all payment transactions in a single place on andcards Community.
  • Sync information about payments made on andcards through PayBox to your accounting program.

PayBox for coworking space administrators

How to Get Started

  • Open PayBox account in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, or Russia.
  • Have your have your merchant ID and secret key ready, and contact andcards support.

Your time is valuable. Your members deserve the best.

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