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PayPal integration with andcards enables one-off online payments at your coworking space or a flexible office. Managers don't need to chase members just to remind them about membership fees, bookings, and invoices. Customers easily pay for your coworking space services through your apps with their PayPal account or debit/credit card.

andcards - PayPal integration

PayPal is available to coworking spaces in 200+ countries and supports 25+ currencies.

PayPal + andcards for Members

andcards - PayPal integration

PayPal + andcards for Administrators

  • Improve customer experience by giving your members a simple and familiar way to pay for the services without them having to contact your front desk.
  • Give customers more flexible payment options by connecting PayPal and other payment gateways at once.
  • Save time with a fully automated immediate payment collection. Transactions on PayPal and payment statuses on andcards are processed in nearly real-time.
  • Earn more by providing a fallback payment method for customers who ran out of free credits.
  • Consolidate all payment transactions in a single place on andcards Community.
  • Sync information about payments made on andcards through PayPal to your accounting program.
  • Expand globally with PayPal working in 200+ countries enabling you to accept payments the world over.

Your time is valuable. Your members deserve the best.

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