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andcards-IronWiFi integration allows connecting your wireless network hardware to andcards and authenticating members for an automated passwordless access to Wi-Fi at your coworking space. With andcards, members go online easily according to the membership level, external customers that book rooms or desks, visitors, and even event attendees — all get temporary secure access to your wireless network without you lifting a finger.

andcards-ironWiFi integration: automated Wi-Fi management at a coworking space

andcards + IronWiFi for Members

  • Simple and secure Wi-Fi authentication. Going online is possible in just a tap.
  • No passwords required. Members, visitors, guests, and event attendees of your coworking space get an immediate access to Wi-Fi with the same familiar login used for your coworking space app.
  • Paswordless security gives customers peace of mind that their devices are safely connected to the network free from unauthorized persons.
  • Customers can connect multiple devices to Wi-Fi.

andcards-ironWiFi integration: immediate access to Wi-Fi for members and visitors of a coworking space with login used for coworking space app

andcards + IronWiFi for Administrators

  • No more "What's the Wi-Fi password?" questions. Grant safe passwordless access to Wi-Fi to paying customers only:

    • Members with valid plans, network members, and admins.
    • Visitors who registered through visitor display at the reception desk.
    • Non-members that booked a room or a desk at your coworking space.
    • Event attendees.
  • Automate Wi-Fi management at your coworking space. Connect different categories of users to specific networks (for example, Wi-Fi Members, Wi-Fi Guests). With the help of andcards, auto-revoke access to Wi-Fi for customers whose plan, event pass, visit, or a booking have ended.
  • Track members' presence at a coworking space. Automatically record detailed Wi-Fi usage information for analytical and invoicing purposes.
  • Connect IronWiFi authentication platform to the hardware you already use. IronWiFi supports a variety of hardware (Cisco Meraki, UniFi, Mikrotik, etc.), so there is no need to purchase new routers or devices.

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