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andcards coworking space software automates operations and helps users get your services with just a few taps.
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Easy meeting room management
Easy community management
Easy coworking space management with automated membership plans and built-in analytics
Single platform for coworking space management
All-in-one coworking management platform for easy coworking space management

Trusted by successful coworking spaces

Unified platform

A fully integrated system for coworking and flex spaces

We bring together everything that’s required to build and operate user-friendly coworking spaces and flexible offices. Our unified platform powers hundreds of small, medium, and large coworking operators in 40+ countries around the world.
Our coworking software helps operators achieve amazing member service, efficient operations, get more revenue, cultivate an engaged community, foster brand loyalty, and everything in between.
Meeting room booking system
Desk booking system
Community directory with search by skill
Management of membership plans
Automatic invoicing and payment collection
Notification system for administrators
Community feed to share news and announcements
1:1 chats for all app users
Event platform with selling tickets
Shop to sell products and services
Issue reporting and tracking system
Visitor management system
Membership benefits catalog
KPI dashboard with analytics and custom reports
White-label native apps for iOS and Android
Multi-location support
Public API
Integrations with payments, access control, Wi-Fi, and more
Meeting room booking system
White-label mobile apps
Coworking apps
Coworking apps
Coworking software - automatic billing
Easy online payments and payment collection via coworking apps
Easy payment collection at a coworking space
Community feed on andcards coworking space software
Modern coworking software: unlimited locations
Full multi-location support on andcards coworking space management system
Multi-location management on andcards coworking space app

Work more easily and make smarter decisions with your data in one place

Schedule a personal demo. Free trial available.
Management platform for coworking spaces
Coworking software solutions for flexible spaces
Complete solution for coworking space owners that includes all core features such as booking calendar and additional features such as visitor management

Designed to be the easiest to use

We obsess about the user experience to maximize intuitiveness. People will know how to book meetings and use your mobile apps before even visiting your coworking space, resulting in a better conversion rate and member experience.
95 %
members book rooms by themselves
8 sec
average time until invoice is paid
4.9 /5
average Apple App Store rating
Why andcards

The best choice coworking space management software

Set yourself free
Join hundreds of coworking spaces in organizing work and saving time with our intelligent technology.

Fastest-improving platform
We release hundreds of new features and integrations each year to help you be successful and innovative.

Advanced security
With 99.99% uptime, cutting edge data security, encryption, and GDPR compliance, your data is safer than ever.

Transparent pricing
Our all-inclusive pricing plans accelerate your growth without artificial barriers.

One more thing? Our support is unrivaled.

andcards is so stable and reliable that you enjoy a seamless user experience without the need to troubleshoot or contact support. But even if you have to, get first-class support no matter which plan you’re on at no extra cost.
24시간 365일 채팅 및 이메일 지원
Dedicated account manager
정기 교육 및 웨비나
Optional service level agreement
2 min
average support response time
1 hour
from signup to going live with the web app
4.9 /5
customer rating on Capterra
Fantastic coworking management software! It's rare to see such impressive support and thoroughly developed features. From meeting room booking system to financial reports, it all works like a fine-tuned mechanism.
Ashley Ross
Each time we email with a question about membership management, visitor management, or software integrations, they are always around to help and give us answers. We have even set up calls which have all been very successful.
Faye G.
The level of support has been great: the team is very responsive. andcards is the best coworking space management software with automatic billing and payment collection.
Claire Hudges
My overall experience, from initial onboarding and setup of the coworking apps to daily meeting room management and community management, has been exceptional. The customer support they provide is unlike anything I have ever experienced.
Kate Moras

Get the backing you need to grow your coworking space business

Powerful spectrum of essential features packed into an incredibly easy-to-use user interface.

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Start your coworking business, organize basic operations, increase productivity, and build a community

월 이용료

주요 특징
Active users
웹 앱

주요 장점
Time-saving auto-bill and auto-pay (bank cards and debits)
Easy room and desk booking
Community directory, 1:1 chats and community feed
Extra revenue from shop products, extra credits, or event tickets
24/7 chat and email support with 2-minute response time


Expand your business, maximize brand awareness, enhance guest experience, and reach customers on mobile

월 이용료

주요 특징
Active users
웹 앱
모바일 앱
Visitor display
룸 디스플레이
Account manager

에센셜의 모든 혜택과 다음을 제공합니다 :
White-label mobile apps with your brand’s name for iOS and Android
Reception display for visitor check-in (unlimited visitors included)
임시 예약이 있는 실시간 회의실 디스플레이
모바일 및 웹에서 GA4를 사용한 프로 분석


성장에 맞춰 제한 없이 커스터마이즈할 수 있는 모든 역량을 확보

문의 필요
맞춤형 조건

주요 특징
Active users
웹 앱
모바일 앱
Visitor display
룸 디스플레이
Account manager
고급 기능

프로페셔널의 모든 혜택과 다음을 제공합니다 :
Custom active users and locations
고급 커스터마이징
통합 컨설팅 및 API
전용 어카운트 매니저 및 맞춤형 구현 프로그램을 통해 최상의 지원
문의 필요
추가 활성 사용자는 50명/US$55 떼지어 사용량에 따라 자동으로 계산됩니다. 최소 구독 기간은 6개월입니다. 국가 또는 지역에 따라 추가 약관 및 세금이 적용될 수 있습니다.

Trusted by hundreds of amazing coworking spaces

andcards is a mission-driven company with years of industry experience. Our platform has helped hundreds of coworking spaces in over 40 countries worldwide.
coworking spaces
years industry experience
Brilliant coworking management software and a team. They have all the necessary tools to automate everyday tasks, including visitor and event management. Would definitely recommend this app to any flex and coworking space business.
스티븐 캐릭-데이비스
스티븐 캐릭-데이비스
Hatcham House
andcards white label app is ideal for managing coworking businesses, office centers, and flexible workspaces. The platform is a game-changer for coworking space community managers. Every month we saved a ton of time with automated billing, access control, and membership management.
가스통 라보라토
가스통 라보라토
Every shared workspace should be using this coworking management software. Its intuitive interface is very easy to use. We like their stylish mobile apps, community feed to share updates with members, events calendar, desk booking, and meeting room booking features.
토니 오누크
토니 오누크
The Roothub
We are such huge fans of andcards coworking space management apps, especially the event management system, visitor entry, coworking ops automation, self-service bookings, and the team behind the tool. We call them with all kinds of ideas and requests, and they react so fast.
린제이 헤덴스코그
린제이 헤덴스코그
I give andcards 10 out of 10. We are really impressed by the professionalism of the team. The app is our one-stop solution for social features, seamless integration with access control systems, built-in analytics, and coworking events. Highly recommend andcards to anyone looking for the right coworking space management software!
andcards makes our multi-location management easy. Our favorite tools are visitor management, events management, the white label app, and contract management. As a business owner, I use andcards’ built-in business analytics, such as financial and office space occupancy reports to optimize my coworking space growth.
Ronald Yang
Ronald Yang

Level up your coworking or flex space with andcards

Operate efficiently, grow faster, and create unforgettable member experiences. Get your free trial.
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