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Power toopen doors

The most innovative cloud-based access control solution for flexible offices and coworking spaces. Members unlock the door or elevator from within the andcards app. Administrators save a ton of time with automatic user synchronization, granting access based on membership plan, and issuing a digital key.
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Kisi Access Control system

Access control reimagined

andcards-Kisi integration allows to simplify and improve the experience of accessing your flexible workspace. Members are able to unlock office doors with a smartphone. Administrators are able to automate member registration and auto-invite members to download Kisi apps. Access can be granted based on the membership plan, which stays active for paying members and expires together with a plan.

Auto-invite new members to register for a Kisi account.
Discover and unlock doors with the main coworking space app. There is no need to download a second Kisi app.
Grant access based on a membership plan.
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Lindsay Hedenskog, LAMBHaving Kisi access inside our app makes everything easier for our members. They only need one app, the onboarding process is quicker and we give them another reason to use our app on a daily basis. It's been an incredible feature to have and our members really appreciate it.
Lindsay Hedenskog
SALTO KS Access Control system

Unlocking office doors with a smartphone

andcards-SALTO KS integration allows flexible office tenants to open doors with a smartphone. Administrators save hours of work and reduce human error by automating member registration on SALTO KS cloud dashboard.

Use SALTO KS mobile app to unlock doors with a smartphone.
Auto-create SALTO KS accounts for new workspace members.

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