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Makedata-driven decisions

andcards coworking space platform assembles your booking, payment, billing, member, and other data, to help you recognize trends and make informed decisions based on evidence.
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Powerful Reporting
Powerful Reporting

Leverage your data to gain insights

Data can be overawing—all those numbers, rows and columns. With andcards, understanding your coworking space data is simple. Our reporting and analytics gives you instant access to your coworking insights that can make your business better—no statistics degree required.

Enable easily without complicated set up.
Access real-time and historical data. Understand past trends and take action on what’s happening in the moment.
Analyze your performance using pre-built dashboards with best practice coworking space metrics.
Get analytics for every location.
Kumushai Urmanbetova, ololoUnderstanding the data we collect through andcards is nothing short of essential to our coworking space business. In this regard, andcards analytics exceeded all our expectations. We get a comprehensive overview of platform activities, updated in real-time, which helps us make faster and smarter strategic decisions.
Kumushai Urmanbetova

Measure and analyze without losing the thread

Useful insights could be anywhere. You need a coworking analytics solution that can keep up. andcards platform integrates with other powerful tools, so you can track how customers interact with your apps.

Monitor user interactions with your web app with Google Analytics, so you can improve the overall experience.
Gather and act on user location, device, or activity information with Intercom.
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Uncover useful business insights.
Make evidence-based decisions.

Custom BI
Custom BI

Gain extraordinary precision with custom reporting

Sometimes you need to go an extra mile to understand your business. Use andcards API to build custom-tailored reports in Google Data Studio or PowerBI. With powerful 3rd-party reporting you can blend data together from multiple sources, filter and manipulate data, and take a deep dive into the trends.

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