Making it easy to be together

Your coworking space members never miss events and join with a few taps.
Event details in andcards mobile app
Discovery & Curation

A showcase of upcoming events

Curate a beautiful events feed at your coworking space. Members easily discover upcoming events and get all necessary details to decide if they want to join.

      Add upcoming events into an attractive events feed for easy discovery by members.
      Create appealing descriptions with cover photos, text formatting and links highlighting.
      Create events available across multiple locations.
      Public event visibility for buying passes by anyone who logged into the app, even non-members.
Lindsay Hedenskog, LAMBOh my god, you guys launched the best feature ever! Now we can have people from the public come in and book events without having to provide their email addresses right away. We get to say, here's all the wonderful stuff we've planned for you to book. Here's your follow-up email, here's the thing to add it to your calendar, here's the way to cancel it, here's your event pass. Everything is right there and it's so easy.
Lindsay Hedenskog
Events in andcards mobile app
Joining Events

Joining events made effortless

The easiest way to join events at a coworking space. Members checkout in two taps and get beautiful passes to show at the entrance. Attendees keep a track of upcoming events with a home screen widget. Administrators set the maximum number of attendees to ensure safety and the best member experience.

      Easy RSVP for free events.
      Accept payments for paid events. Add a credit or money price to any event. Fast and easy checkout for members.
      Attendees get beautiful event passes. Organizer easily verifies attendance information.
      Set the maximum number of attendees to meet sanitary and premise capacity specifications.
      Guest lists for administrators and members to know who is coming.

Make your events easy to discover and join