Branded landing page for your coworking space

Running a coworking space without a website? With andcards, you can make a unique landing page in seconds with no coding required. Here is what you can expect.
Coworking space landing page

Get a landing page that truly embodies your brand

Use your own domain name and brand style. The page is fully optimized for any screen size, offering a great experience on both mobile and tablet.

      Consistent brand style.
      All information in one place.
      Responsive design on a fast web page.
Coworking space website
Web Experience

Complete Web Experience

The landing page works well with our web app. Your customers can book spaces, buy tickets for events, and learn more about your locations. Without writing a single line of code, acquire new members and welcome visitors.

      Streamlined user experience.
      Available on multiple platforms.
      No need for a development team.
Tony Onuk, The RoothubI evaluated several competitors, but andcards seems to be only one focused on being a simple, useful, one-stop-shop platform (and they do it well). andcards mobile apps are exceptionally easy to use and effective.
Tony Onuk
The Roothub
Coworking space web and mobile
Design & Accessibility

Our design is easy to use

We monitor and use the best practices of leading coworking spaces. The page supports 8 languages and allows adding custom translation, has a dark mode, and accessibility features.

      Built on best design practices
      Essential information for your members
      Eye-catching banners, persuasive call-to-actions, credible social proof
Laura Agnew, Hatcham HouseThe andcards app provides so much flexibility to our customers, meaning they can be in control of booking and paying with very easy, on-demand access. It has also saved us hours and hours of admin work. We love all the integrated features of the app which means we can integrate our email database, our digital key and billing. The app makes our system so much more efficient.
Laura Agnew
Hatcham House
Coworking space website and apps
Instant Launch

Take your coworking space online effortlessly

There's no need to hire developers or designers or worry about the best layout. We've built everything for you and your members - from the landing page to the web app to native mobile apps.

Ready to provide your coworking space with an online presence?

Get personalized landing pages, mobile apps, and a plethora of other features with andcards.