Connect people to build a vibrant community

Promote networking with a community directory and let members find each other by skill to build meaningful relationships.
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Community Directory

Knock-knock, who’s there?

Promote networking and meaningful relationships at your coworking space with a member directory. Your tenants set up profiles and find each other by skill.

For administrators

Members set up profiles with name, contacts, and self-introduction.
Members have control over who can see their personal data.
Company directory helps people discover tenant companies.
Enhanced security with GDPR compliance.
Ronald Yang, MY WORKSPACEWe want to inspire people to find and connect with each other, and our app helps us achieve that goal. Now our members can see who else is in the space, share self-introductions and contacts, and connect easily.
Ronald Yang
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Member Search

Find people by skill and shared interests

Equip your community members with a powerful tool to find new connections. People just type a word and get a comprehensive list of all related contacts.

Instant full-text search by name, bio, contacts, and notes, to find people.
Company search helps find the right tenant company faster than ever.

Become a space for friendships and business networking