Offer hybrid office
and gain occupancy insights

Know which offices are available for lease and improve the efficiency of your office management.
Hybrid office solution on andcards coworking space software
Hybrid Office

Offer a complete hybrid working solution

Provide hybrid office solutions, implementing a convenient seat booking system that complements your office space. Offer desk sharing options or allow employees to book desks on demand, with a single consolidated invoice provided at the end of each month.

Empower your customers to work where they want, when they want, by offering on-demand seat booking and seat-sharing across all your locations. This will provide your customers with the freedom to work closer to their clients, colleagues, or home.
Expand your target audience by offering smaller offices to larger companies.
Optimize your office space usage by making empty offices available for day office booking.

Offer a modern working solution to your corporate tenants

Office occupancy analytics on andcards coworking management software
Occupancy Insights

Gain visibility on office availability for leasing

Enhance your workspace management by gaining visibility of your office occupancy through occupancy diagrams for desks and hybrid offices. These diagrams provide a visual overview of your workspace, allowing you to quickly and easily monitor occupancy levels and make informed decisions about space allocation.

Associate desks with companies to easily monitor occupancy levels and gain valuable insights into space utilization.
Enhance your office leasing process by setting lease terms and visualizing when each lease is ending to easily track lease expiration dates and know when it's time to involve your sales team. (Coming soon)
Maximize the value of your workspace by analyzing member seat booking patterns.

Maximize workspace utilization
with a complete flex office solution