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Easy printing for flexible office tenants

Give access to cloud printers, count printed pages, and pay for printing bills automatically with cloud printing software integrations.
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coworking app mode by andcards with cloud printing solution.

Efficient and enjoyable printing

andcards-ezeep integrated solution improves customer experience by automatically granting them access to your printing infrastructure. Customers do not have to worry about printing drivers or credits — everything is fully automated via ezeep cloud. Administrators save time and reduce a chance of human error by automating member registration on ezeep.

Connect andcards app to ezeep account to auto-sync all new andcards members into an ezeep group.
Tenants enjoy all the benefits of easy printing with cloud mobile-friendly printing, driverless setup, and user-friendly dashboard to know their printing limits.
Administrators save hours on automating member registration on ezeep cloud, removing the need to troubleshoot printing drivers for tenants, and fully automated printing accounting and billing via ezeep platform.
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Andrew Whitaker, Culture Co-WorkingBy using the ezeep with andcards it enables my new members to sign up and get printing in a fraction of the time it normally takes while also providing Culture Co-Working with a simple way to track all printing jobs.
Andrew Whitaker
Culture Co-Working
andcards-sindoh integration to automate printing at a coworking space

Seamlessly integrated printing solution

Automate printing at your flexible workspace with Sindoh’s multifunction smart office printing management solutions. Promote awareness and transparency around printing limits. Simplify the use of Sindoh’s Print ID for your members.

Save time by synchronizing members into your printing database for easy management.
Distribute Print ID to members instantly right through your coworking space app.
View how many pages every member printed.
Let members keep track of how many pages were printed this and last month.

Hassle-free printing experience for everyone involved

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