Room bookings made simple

A complete solution for room booking at a coworking space.
Meeting room booking software solution on web and mobile for better member experience
Room Booking System

Easy Conference Room Booking

Equip your coworking space with a fantastic meeting room booking system. Our platform empowers your customers to become self-sufficient by allowing them to easily find available rooms, schedule and pay for bookings, and receive reminders about upcoming reservations.

Easy-to-use interactive meeting room booking calendar.
A convenient bird’s eye view of all rooms at once.
Push notifications with booking reminders.
Prevent booking conflicts or double booking.
Set up booking rules and preparation time.
Abandoned booking protection to auto-cancel forgotten bookings.
External booking—integrate easily with your marketing website for seamless booking by nonmembers.
Mobile booking—enable booking through your branded mobile apps.
Meeting room booking software with payments

Simple Way to Pay for a Room

Enable flexible payment options at your coworking space with andcards. Accept a variety of payment methods, including bank cards, invoices, credits, and cash, and customize payment options by customer, room, and location.

Credits—give free hours automatically, sell credit packages, and let members book with credits.
Credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay with instant confirmation via supported payment gateways.
Invoicing to let members book now and pay later.
Additional options for administrators to register external payments
Freedom Pay, KakaoPay, Mercado Pago, Stripe, WayForPay payment systems.
Karolina Drężek, Working Senatorskaandcards has worked perfectly well among our community at Workin. Our tenants can now use a quick and easy meeting room booking system. Our customers emphasize that the app eliminates the waste of time searching, checking and booking rooms as well as any changes. Improves teamwork and communication, as well as relieving from unnecessary stress associated with the organization of emergency meetings.
Karolina Drężek
Working Senatorska
Management platform for coworking spacesManagement platform for coworking spacesCoworking software solutions for flexible spacesComplete solution for coworking space owners that includes all core features such as booking calendar and additional features such as visitor management
Conference Room Displays

Beautiful Meeting Room Display

andcards app features a built-in meeting room display solution for booking and checking availability. Impress your guests and members with innovative and modern workplace technology. Members easily identify available meeting rooms and book them right away. Auto-cancellation of unconfirmed bookings allows to free meeting space and improve its utilization.

Free unused rooms with abandoned booking protection.
Real-time room schedule synchronization.
Room availability visible at a distance.
Ad-hoc room booking system—schedule by scanning a QR code.
No expensive hardware needed—use any modern tablet.
Customize your room booking process to fit your needs
Customization & Flexibility

Infinite Customization to Fit Your Space

Tweak your meeting room booking system with your own set of rules. Ensure fair and equal use of your meeting space with booking rules, cancellation policies, preparation time, and other custom configurations.

Set access and visibility rules to assign rooms to specific customer groups or companies.
Define preparation time between bookings and send notifications to cleaning staff.
Set custom refund and cancelation policies.
Select the minimum and maximum booking length.
Integrate with the Kisi access control system to let members unlock meeting room doors in your app.
Improve space utilization by auto-deleting unconfirmed abandoned bookings.

Book a meeting room on the go with amazing branded mobile apps

Comprehensive analytics of your meeting room booking data

Valuable Meeting Room Booking Insights

Optimize your meeting space and the process of room booking with useful data collected by our coworking software. Get valuable insights about room usage, booking frequency, revenue, payment methods, and more. Maximize your space utilization efficiency and make informed decisions based on your conference room scheduling data shaped into beautiful diagrams by andcards.

Analyze your revenue streams from each room.
Analyze room usage and determine the most and least popular ones.
Make decisions based on the data from your members’ bookings.
Improve your meeting space utilization.

Room scheduling put on auto-pilot.
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