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Get customers online
quickly and securely

Get customers online easily with a single passwordless login. Members, external customers that book rooms or desks, visitors, and even event attendees — give all customers temporary secure access to your wireless network.
Seamless Authentication
Time-bound Access
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Simple log in to coworking space Wi-Fi through andcards app
Seamless Authentication

Make it easy to go online

Automate management of wireless Internet access at your coworking space. andcards integrates withIronWiFi solution that plugs into popular Wi-Fi hardware for a seamless and automatic access to your wireless Internet networks. No need for customers to remember wireless network passwords, as they are automatically authenticated by the app they already use with your coworking space.

Let members log in to Wi-Fi with a single account they already have at your coworking space.
No passwords to remember or ask the administrator — customers receive a simple one-time password to go online.
Take advantage of any hardware supported by IronWiFi, such as Cisco Meraki, Unifi, and more.
Send log in confirmation codes by SMS with Twilio for convenient login by customers.
Aidana Djalilova, ololoThe importance of Wi-Fi automation on andcards and system's integration with IronWiFi is difficult to overestimate. The solution optimizes our work processes and accelerates the onboarding of new members. Analytics, in turn, lets us lean on data and manage our workspace better.
Aidana Djalilova
Activate andcards-IronWiFi integration
Time-bound Access

Grant temporary access to paying customers

Give access to Wi-Fi at your coworking space to paying customers only: members with pre-paid plans, registered visitors, non-members with valid bookings, and guests that attend your events. Connect customers to specific networks and revoke access to Wi-Fi automatically after the plan, booking or visit come to an end.

Grant secure access to the best Wi-Fi access point to members, network members, and staff.
Let members go online across all locations of your coworking space network.
Associate membership plans with the network for members. Auto-revoke access for expired subscriptions.
Allow non-members who book rooms and desks at your space access a dedicated network.
Give temporary Wi-Fi access to visitors who register using the visitor display at the reception desk.
Provide Wi-Fi connection to attendees of events at your coworking space.
Vitalii Boichuk, Creative StatesCreative States is striving to provide easy and secure Internet access to customers. Thanks to andcards’ solution, we can automate access to our network and allow residents, guests, and even non-residents easily connect to Wi-Fi without any passwords! The system works automatically and smoothly, which allows to save time on Wi-Fi access administration, deliver new values to members, offer amazing infrastructure, best-in-class technology, and high-quality services.
Vitalii Boichuk
Creative States
Wi-Fi usage stat on andcards

Check who’s in the building and online

Know how many hours clients spend in your space. Automatically track and record the details of Wi-Fi usage by each customer at your coworking space. Use this information for hourly billing and spotting the busiest hours at your facilities.

See who is currently on-site through IronWiFi, adding an extra layer of security to match up with access control.
Get detailed logs of who’s going online, when, with detailed device information thanks to IronWiFi’s built-in analytics tools.
Connect Google Analytics with andcards and IronWiFi to monitor the network in real-time.

Seamless and secure Wi-Fi experience for your customers

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