Create a social network at your coworking space

andcards platform helps you create a sense of belonging at your coworking space so that customers want to stay longer.

Curate your community engagement

Create a powerful social experience for your members, keeping them engaged and happy throughout the entire customer journey.
andcards provides a community feed members can use to learn what’s happening and share updates.

Post, comment, like

Feed is the community feed your members use to learn what’s happening and share updates.
With a newsfeed on andcards app, you are in control of what’s posted and commented.

Curated community

You are in control of what’s posted and commented, so you can build your community your way.

1:1 chats

Chats allow you to exchange one-to-one messages with users for a seamless communication and announcements.
Customer Story
2 x
community size in two months
85 %
self-sufficient room booking by members
andcards has really brought our community together. It's great to see people connecting with each other, helping each other out with things like finding a babysitter or sharing tips and advice.
Branded Hatchworks Coworking app developed by andcards

Bring people together with events

andcards is connecting your people at events, helping them discover each other and engage.
Events on andcards coworking space management software.

Event Timeline

People discover upcoming events and necessary details on a beautiful timeline.
Joining and paying for events on andcards coworking space software is easy as a tap.

Buy Tickets & RSVP

People join for free or buy tickets right in your apps. No third-party tools required.
Organize public events easily with andcards events management system.

External Events

Open doors to all interested people: organize public events easily.
Customer Story
people attracted with events
80 %
event attendance rate
Thanks to andcards we've created this excitement, this demand, this really cool experience around our events. This is like online shopping for your next learning experience.
Branded LAMB app developed by andcards

Build a community directory

andcards Community makes it easy for members to search for friends, share skills and contacts.

Successful communities use andcards

Grow your community without limits