Scale operations with a secure and reliable platform

Power up your business with a complete set of features and integrations, along with enterprise-grade security and top notch support.

Created to meet the needs of growing flex space operators

Simplify room and desk booking.
Automate invoicing and payments.
Chat with members and nonmembers.
Let people sign up for plans online.
Multi-location, multi-currency, multi-everything
Make announcements and let members connect.
Learn from your data and analytics.
Web and mobile apps branded with your logo.
Manage community with ease.
Sell products and services to members.
Organize events and collect RSVP.
Offer partner benefits: discounts and coupons.
Check in guests and notify members of arrival.
andcards coworking space platform including mobile and web apps, visitor management system, meeting room display, and more
Customer Story
80 %
admin time saved
2 x
improved customer experience
With 11 locations, CitySpace is one of the most successful flexible workspace brands across Poland. We are very satisfied with andcards because we received everything we needed while having excellent customer support.
Branded City Space app developed by andcards

andcards is built with large flex spaces, for large flex spaces

Security-first, second, and third

Data Encryption
All andcards servers and communications are securely encrypted.
Let members connect to coworking Wi-Fi securely with single sign-on.
Reliable Infrastructure
Use secure and scalable infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services.
Data Protection
Comply with GDPR to facilitate transparency and data deletion.
Customer Story
100 %
self-service room booking
100 hr
saved monthly with automation
MY WORKSPACE operates 5 locations in Gangnam, South Korea. If I were to estimate it roughly, I think we save at least $1,000 per month. Members and non-members just open the app and book, without having to talk to any manager. It's a great investment for us.
Branded MY WORKSPACE app developed by andcards

Reliable infrastructure that just works, so you can focus on what you do best

Integrate with your favorite tools

Use our free public REST API to develop your own integrations and connect to your ERP and BI platforms.

Enjoy top-notch support, every step of the way

Trainings and webinars

We provide premium support with highly personalized onboarding training and regular webinars

Dedicated account manager

You’ll have a single point of contact to get the most out of your product.

Rapid customer support

We’ve got your back 24/7 with Tier 3 support and best practice guidance.

Successful flex and coworking space operators choose andcards

Scale to dozens of locations with an feature-packed and secure platform

Get a personalized product presentation.