Build on basics to accelerate growth

andcards’ features and integrations give you the power and flexibility to expand to multiple locations. Your team knows what to do. Your customers feel like at home in every location they visit.

The complete platform to operate and expand your business

Simplify room and desk booking.
Automate invoicing and payments.
Chat with members and nonmembers.
Let people sign up for plans online.
Make announcements and let members connect.
Manage community with ease.
Sell products and services to members.
Check in guests and notify members of arrival.
Organize events and collect RSVP.
Offer partner benefits: discounts and coupons.
Learn from your data and analytics.
Web and mobile apps branded with your logo.
andcards coworking space platform including mobile and web apps, visitor management system, meeting room display, and more
Customer Story
100 %
customer engagement in 1 month
50 %
admin time saved
Embassy House is a two-location coworking space in Stockholm. It all comes down to convenience, automation, and having one solution to solve many different needs. We were looking for such an all-in-one solution and now we enjoy its benefits.
Embassy House app developed by andcards

With a great platform comes great productivity

Expand to multiple locations

Enable cross-location room bookings, desk bookings, credits, events, benefits, shop, Wi-Fi, and much more, so your members can roam between locations with ease.
Customer Story
83 %
member activation rate
15 hr
admin time saved weekly
Path Cowork is a coworking space with two locations in Regina, Western Canada. We are quite happy with andcards because it not only gives us solutions to existing problems but is always coming up with new features that exceed our expectations.
Path Cowork app developed by andcards

Manage multiple locations from the palm of your hand

Multi-location management on andcards coworking space system

Ensure consistency across all locations

Let customers feel like at home whichever location they visit. Uphold the same operation standards by giving your location administrators a guiding system.

Onboard members into an easy-to-use app, which works the same way in every location.
Configure your bookings and billing systems to the same rules everywhere, so administrators have little room for mistake.
Enforce a credit system and payment system in your locations.
Let team and customers connect to Wi-Fi without having to ask for a location-specific password.
Create events, benefits, and shop that are available in every location you choose.

Amazing multi-location coworking and flex spaces grow with andcards

Accelerate growth and offer outstanding customer experience across all locations

Start at just $161/month. Free trial available.