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Make more money at your flex space

andcards makes it easy to capture and analyze revenue, helping you be more successful in business and grow faster.
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Sell, Upsell, Cross-sell

andcards removes all barriers helping your customers pay for your products and services easily.

Plans & Add-ons

Charge regular fees plus parking, lockers, and other recurring services through invoicing.

Meeting & Event Space

Accept payments for room booking by members and non-members.

Desks & Day Passes

Let people book a desk and pay for a day of work at your space.

Shop Products

Sell food, merch, and anything else in your own app’s online shop.

Event Tickets

Organize community and public events with free and paid RSVP.

Extra Credits

Offer a digital product — credits . People top up account and spend them effortlessly.
Customer Story
52 %
desk occupancy increase
98 %
bookings made through the apps
I would confirm that andcards affected Campfire’s RoI in general. We like money around here and your system is helping us make more of it!
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Campfire Coworks coworking space app

Never have I ever… reminded a member to pay

Set your recurring revenue on autopilot with andcards’ built-in automatic billing and payments.
Save hours of time by generating and sending invoices to members — all without having to lift a finger.
Get paid faster with a Netflix-like automatic payment collection through bank cards and debits (ACH, SEPA, BECS).
Just-in-time invoice and payment reminders with push notifications and transactional emails.
Customer Story
100 %
automated billing and payment collection
days to launch the app for members
andcards makes workflows quick and efficient. Our billing process changed drastically. On day one, people started to pay through the app. It saves us so much time and that alone is worth the fee for the subscription.
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Branded The Lab on Dexter app developed by andcards

Easy to pay means more people will pay

Effortless and frictionless payment experience increases the conversion from users into paying members. It’s that simple.

Select a Product

Customers choose what they want to buy in your app in a few taps.

Select a Payment Method

1-click check out with saved bank cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.


The payment is instantly confirmed and the product or service is ready.
Customer Story
external bookings monthly
100 %
improved flexibility
CitySpace was able to open up to outside customers through the app. The ability to book and pay instantly allowed us to shorten the distance with people who use office space ad hoc.
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Branded City Space app developed by andcards

Understand your revenue with transparent analytics

Get a breakdown of your revenue by source, identify trends and missed revenue opportunities with Analytics.

Profitable coworking and flex spaces use andcards

Boost profitability at your coworking space

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