Payments infrastructure
for coworking spaces

Tenants pay for your coworking space services in just a few taps with a flexible range of payment methods.
Charge Card
Payment Gateway
Credits payment system

Easy and fun way to pay

Whether you offer free meeting room hours or want to use prepaid credits at your coworking space, andcards credit system is here to help. Save hours of manual work with fully automatic credit assignment. Members easily check credit balances, use credits to book facilities, and view spending history — all without the need to contact the administrator.

Credits accounts for individual members
Shared credits accounts for company members
Credits automation with daily, weekly and monthly plans
Full manual control of credit accounts
Credits spending history for members and companies

Flexible credit system for coworking spaces

Charge Card payment system
Charge Card

Get now, pay later

Give your customers a virtual Charge Card to buy services now and pay later all at once. Company members pay for bookings and services in just a few steps, adding expenses to a single company bill. Company managers easily control spending and pay by the bill at the end of the month. The charge card system is simple and requires minimal maintenance from the administrator.

For administrators

A bird’s eye view of all Charge Card balances in Community.
Detailed monthly bills with all Charge Card transactions.
Ability to review and exclude certain bill items before sending it to company managers.
Real-time payment status updates upon a bill payment.

For company members and managers:

Incredibly easy payments using Charge Card across all member devices.
Beautiful Charge Card interface with monthly activity chart and detailed bills.
Instant bill payments with connected payment gateway.
Push notifications with reminders of time to pay.
Ability for company managers to check spending and manage Charge Card access of their company members.
Anna Kostenko
Thanks to andcards’ support of local payment system, our customers can pay for bookings instantly with Google Pay and Apple Pay. Paying for meeting room has never been so cool.
Anna Kostenko
Creative States
Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway

One-click payments with bank cards

Instantly acquire debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, direct debit, and other local payment methods, straight through your coworking space apps. Bookings are instantly confirmed upon a successful payment in a seamless self-service process for your customers. End-to-end booking and payment automation improves member experience and saves you from chasing unpaid charges.

Connect a local payment gateway to acquire bank cards and other payment methods, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.
Keep a track of all customers and booking payments in one place.
Improve member payment experience with simple and straightforward in-app payment processing.
Stay confident that due payments for your services are collected and reduce debts by requiring a successful payment to confirm a booking.

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