Room bookings made simple

A complete solution for room booking at a coworking space
Room Booking
Accepting Payments
Room Displays
andcards coworking app with room booking solution.
Room Booking

Better than asking

Members instantly find available space and time to book, reserve, and get reminders of upcoming reservations.

Visual booking calendar
Push notifications with reminders
No conflicts or overbooking
Bird’s eye view of all rooms at once
Abandoned booking protection
Personal calendar sync
Preparation time between bookings for cleaning and disinfection
Public room visibility for booking by anyone who logged into the app, even non-members.
Karolina Drężek
andcards app has worked perfectly well among our community at Workin. Our tenants can easily and quickly book conference rooms. Our customers emphasize that the application eliminates the waste of time searching, checking and booking as well as any changes. Improves team work and communication, as well as relieving from unnecessary stress associated with the organization of emergency meetings.
Karolina Drężek
Working Senatorska
andcards coworking app with payment solution.
Accepting Payments

The best way to pay for a booking

Customers can instantly pay for bookings with bank cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other payment methods available in your country. Company Bill payment method allows to book now and pay later.

Credits for free hours
Credit cards via supported payment gateways
Billing to book now and pay later
Payment options for admins or free rooms
Flow, Wayforpay, Stripe, kakaopay payment systems.

Book on the go with phenomenal branded mobile apps

andcards coworking app with room display solution.
Room Displays

The future is wow

andcards features a built-in meeting room display. Enchant your guests with innovative workspace technology. Members easily identify available meeting room at a distance. Auto-cancel unconfirmed bookings to free meeting space.

Free unused space with abandoned booking protection
Real-time synchronization
Room availability visible at a distance
No costly hardware — use any modern tablet

Bookings put on auto-pilot.
Simple pay-as-you-go subscription.