One-stop shop for value-added services

From workspace to on-demand services — find and get all available products at your flexible office. Tenants finally have access to all your services at a glance. Service administrators conveniently list all available services and receive applications by email or form links.
Services Marketplace
Application Analytics
Services marketplace on andcards coworking space software.
Services Marketplace

Showcase for additional services

Residents of flexible offices easily find all available services: workspace, on-demand cleaning or coffee shop, or just about anything. Members get services in just a few clicks with built-in email or link application systems.

For all members

Draw attention to newly added services with badges
Browse a menu of on-demand services
Search through all services instantly, including detailed descriptions
Acquaint with service description and view cover photos
Apply for any service instantly through the built-in application system

For administrators

Create various service categories to group them together
Add as many service positions as necessary
Highlight services by pinning them to the top of the services page
Control visibility of services across multiple flex office locations
Application system for services: flexibly configure application types and allowances
Martin Becker
andcards' services marketplace software provides our co-working residents with a visually appealing and easy to navigate interface for additional services and information.
Martin Becker
etventure GmbH
Services application analytics on andcards coworking space software.
Application Analytics

Knowledge is power

Understand what marketplace services are popular and track email applications for on-demand services. Knowledge which services are popular will help you provide better quality and focus on what’s important for your tenants.

Track every email application and get referral reports
View application analytics as interactive tables or charts via Google Data Studio integration

How to Sell Additional Services at Your Coworking Space Efficiently

Minyoung Choi
andcards services page is an effective hub of all coworking space services we offer. We particularly like the ability to customize call to action buttons and prominently feature certain services for visual appeal.
Minyoung Choi
TTP Seoul

Offer additional services.
Upsell your customers.