Optimize and manage your small coworking space efficiently

Small coworking spaces are great for creativity and focused work. However, when it comes to service, small spaces risk losing to bigger spaces.
Challenges of small coworking spaces
With little or no staff, you are a one-man-shop
You risk moving slower than bigger competitors
It’s difficult to get attention
You need to figure out how to maintain and grow your business
Customers come with expectations but you have limited resources
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Ways to grow your small coworking space

Let members book by themselves: use software that shows people which spaces are free in your small coworking space, allows them to book meeting rooms, and keeps them informed about upcoming events, all in real-time.
Simplify your payments: use an app that will accept one-time and membership payments automatically.
Building a strong community: a good community is really important in any coworking space, especially a small coworking space. Share news, highlight what members are doing, plan networking events.
Make sure you make a profit: to keep your small coworking space running, you need to manage your resources well. Keep track of how your space is used and change prices or availability.
Keep improving: always make your small coworking space better based on what your members say and what you see. Use analytics to see what's going well and where improvements could be made.
Personalized assistance: small things count a lot. Accept your members’ mail, be there for them, and reply quickly. Great support creates a great impression.
Always be there for your members: even if you aren’t in the space, it’s best to keep track of what’s going on. Use a coworking management space app that allows you to run a small coworking space on mobile.

A platform that’s easy-to-use, powerful, and affordable? Enter andcards.

Booking system on andcards coworking space management software

Streamline bookings and signup

Let members and nonmembers book rooms, desks and sign up for plans easily, without having to contact you.
Billing on andcards coworking space management software

Automate invoicing and credits

Generate invoices, collect payments, and distribute credits — all without lifting a finger.
Booking success status on andcards booking system for coworking spaces.

Easy-to-use platform

Straightforward web and mobile apps encourage adoption and let you get started from the get go.
Customer Story
95 %
self-service bookings
100 %
occupancy in under 3 months
Hatcham House is a small community workspace in South London. New members get access to andcards for membership benefits and on-demand booking. Members can also buy tickets to events and connect with others here. And they love it.
Hatcham House coworking space app

Get an overview of what the best value coworking platform has to offer

Engage members with Feed community feed
Chat with customers without leaving your application
Cultivate a sense of belonging with events
Manage members with integrated CRM, plans, and billing
Customer Story
98 %
bookings are self-service
+52 %
desk occupancy
hours saved weekly
Campfire CoWorks is a small innovation hub in Marquette, MI, USA. Switching to andcards has decreased customer complaints by 94% and affected RoI in general. andcards has a huge positive effect on customer experience.
Campfire Coworks coworking space app

Get better operations and growth with the team you already have

Graph showing improved coworking space efficiency with andcards

Improve team efficiency

Enhance your team’s ability to operate business efficiently with powerful features and integrations.

Centralize member information into an organized community directory.
Avoid manual recurring payment collection with fully automated billing.
Distribute monthly credits automatically.
Accept payments hands-off with payment gateway integrations.
Avoid back-and-forth emails with self-service meeting room booking for members and external customers.
Make announcements to members with community feed.
Synchronize member data across all the apps you use to run business, for example Mailchimp or Zapier.

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