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Top 5 KPIs for Coworking Spaces
Coming soon
Making data-driven decisions is crucial for the growth and success of your coworking space. Discover the key performance indicators (KPIs) that illuminate your coworking space's performance with andcards. From occupancy rates and member retention to sales conversion rates and more, we'll demystify the metrics that matter most and show you how to access them through coworking space app.
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What’s New on andcards: Special Edition
February 22, 2024
Join us for the exclusive live-stream event, where we unveil cutting-edge updates designed to revolutionize your shared space management. From automated billing to seamless access solutions, explore how our innovations can elevate user experiences and boost efficiency. Don't miss our surprise announcement—be at the forefront of shared space management!
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Promote Coworking Space Services Effectively
November 23, 2023
Buckle up for an interactive session with industry experts sharing their knowledge on advertising coworking services. We’ll guide you through proven sales practices and crafting a compelling user journey to convert prospects into happy members. It’s a great chance to ask us your questions in real-time and see what a perfect user journey looks like.
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What’s New on andcards
October 26, 2023
We can't wait to show you everything we have prepared for this quarter. As usual, we will guide you through simple yet effective solutions, such as seamless desk bookings, enhanced office assignments, accounting management, seamless door access, and many more. Sign up now to save your spot!
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How to Start a Coworking Space
June 29, 2023
Are you embarking on an exciting journey to start your own coworking space, but finding yourself overwhelmed with questions? Join our live session to get a clear roadmap for success. The industry experts will share what crucial steps to take, and pitfalls to avoid while opening the coworking space, how to attract the first members, and how to finally become profitable.
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Seamless Member Onboarding & Activation
May 25, 2023
Discover how implementing an organized onboarding process within your app can enhance member activation and lead to multiple subscription renewals. During this webinar, we will explain the user's experience with the onboarding process and offer strategies to activate members right from the beginning. We will also demonstrate how to analyze and enhance your onboarding results.
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Effective Invoicing & Payments
April 27, 2023
Looking to streamline invoicing and payment collection? andcards can help. Join our upcoming webinar for tips on managing payments and subscriptions more efficiently and consolidating all payments through our app. Perfect for both new and seasoned users, this live session is your chance to improve your invoicing process and ask us any questions.
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Marketing Strategies for Coworking Spaces
Coming soon, 2024 • Online
Join this exclusive webinar tailored for Ukrainian coworking operators and managers aiming to excel in the competitive world of flexible office solutions. Discover the latest in digital marketing trends, social media mastery, email marketing tactics, and more with expert Helga Moreno. Gain the knowledge and tools needed to maximize your digital marketing potential and thrive in the modern competitive market.
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Intro to Porto Tech Scene
November 30, 2023 • Porto, Portugal
Join us for an exclusive event with Helga Moreno, where you'll learn how to simplify space management, ditch manual tasks, and create a user-friendly experience. Meet up in Porto for a straightforward evening of tech insights and empowerment in the coworking world. This exciting event will take place at the brand-new coworking space, DeHouse Trindade, providing the perfect setting for an enriching discussion on optimizing your shared workspace for maximum efficiency and innovation.
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Flexibility & Community: Coworking Spaces in 2023
June 15, 2023 • Lviv, Ukraine
Introducing the unprecedented survey of coworking space member preferences conducted within the annual market research by the Ukrainian Coworking Association, andcards, CBRE Ukraine, and NAT Coworking. Join to learn what drives the choice of a coworking space by members, what personality traits they value in a community manager, and much more. Offline + online available.
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AI for Coworking Spaces: Practical Solutions
May 10, 2023 • Valencia, Spain
It's hard to believe that there are coworking space operators who never heard of ChatGPT, considering its spectacular capabilities. However, ChatGPT is just one example of the many remarkable AI tools available today. Coworking spaces have the potential to greatly enhance their efficiency and productivity by leveraging AI-based solutions. Occupancy sensors, predictive maintenance systems, and intelligent scheduling tools are just a few examples of how AI can streamline operations and enhance the overall member experience.
Coworking Spaces on the Firing Line
Coworking Spaces on the Firing Line
November 14, 2022 • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
At Coworking Europe, Helga reflects on the entire spectrum of her Ukraine war experiences. Being a coworking refugee, helping Ukrainian Coworking Association gather support for the local coworking communities, projecting andcards’ response to the Russian invasion, and telling stories of Ukrainian “coworking spaces on the firing line,” — don’t miss Helga’s raw and unimaginable keynote.
Marketing for Coworking Spaces
Marketing for Coworking Spaces
November 14, 2019 • Warsaw, Poland
Discover the latest trends and techniques to effectively promote and differentiate your coworking space in a competitive market, including search engine optimization, website performance improvement, best marketing website design practices and recommendations, and more. Get a free printed copy of the Coworking Marketing handbook.

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