How Workps Achieved a Remarkable 757% Revenue Growth in a Year

Mario Abrego
Mario Abrego
How Workps Achieved a Remarkable 757% Revenue Growth in a Year

Creative Studio in California

Workps is a vibrant coworking space in Santa Fe Springs, CA, with a mission to bridge the gap for entrepreneurs seeking a practical location to realize their business ideas. Recognizing the scarcity of suitable spaces for startups and founders, Workps provides the much-needed solution.

Before and After adopting andcards coworking space management software at Workps - table

"Workps creates vibrant and innovative coworking communities for entrepreneurs. With locations in Downey and expanding to Santa Fe Springs, we bring together startups, founders, and like-minded individuals. Our eco-friendly practices and paperless app foster sustainability while nurturing productivity. Workps is not just a workspace; it's a passionate network of talented individuals shaping a brighter future."Mario Abrego, co-founder of Workps here and under unless otherwise specified.

Designed as a collaborative community, Workps offers an essential network of connections. It serves as a hub where entrepreneurs can connect with like-minded individuals, fostering a supportive environment for growth and collaboration.

Workps coworking space interior

Challenges Workps Was Looking to Resolve with the Help of Technology

Workps encountered several challenges in their operations before implementing andcards. The space’s primary focus was on enhancing customer experience and convenience while streamlining their internal processes.

  • Lack of Seamless Processes: Workps struggled to strike a balance between providing a seamless experience for both team and members. They desired a solution that would make all processes efficient and convenient.

"Our goal is to prioritize customer experience and convenience by leveraging coworking software. Understanding that the coworking industry caters to individuals seeking convenience, we have dedicated ourselves to finding the perfect balance, creating seamless processes that benefit both our team and members."

  • Inefficiencies in Using Website for Booking: Workps primarily relied on their website for booking processes, but it proved to be less effective and efficient, particularly when accessed through mobile devices. The space faced difficulties in displaying real-time workplace availability and providing easy room and desk booking options for customers. They needed a solution that could address these challenges and offer a streamlined booking experience.

"Our previous reliance on a standalone website for bookings proved to be inefficient, particularly on mobile devices. We were looking to combine all website functionalities and last-minute bookings into one cohesive platform to overcome the limitations of the website-based approach."

  • Operational Routine Streamlining: Administrators at Workps found it challenging to streamline their operational routines such as managing memberships, payments, events, and value-added products effectively. They were in search of a comprehensive software solution that could simplify their administrative tasks and improve overall efficiency.

Choosing andcards over Competitors

During the evaluation process, Workps considered Optix and andcards for their coworking space management needs. However, they ultimately chose andcards due to the exceptional connection established with the andcards team from the very beginning.

“Connecting with the andcards team in the beginning really made us feel confident and comfortable to work with. The energy andcards provides from customer service to branding your own app is incredible.”

Solutions to Workps Challenges Offered by andcards

  • Enhancing the Coworking Experience with Branded Web and Mobile Apps

At Workps, the introduction of branded web and mobile apps has revolutionized the customer journey, offering a seamless and convenient experience for members, nonmembers, and external customers. Gone are the days of having to call or message administrators to book a room, purchase a day pass, or join an event. The web and mobile apps provided by andcards allow users to perform these actions and much more with just a few taps on their devices.

"Our app enhances the member experience, reflecting our commitment to innovation and excellence in coworking. It reinforces our credibility by being available on trusted platforms like the App Store and Google Play, with consistent branding across all channels."

Members, nonmembers, and external customers now have immediate access to all the offerings at Workps. The apps serve as a one-stop solution, eliminating the need for multiple interactions with administrators or staff. This not only enhances the customer experience but also frees up valuable time for both the customers and the Workps team.

Workps coworking space app developed by andcards

The web and mobile apps empower users to take control of their coworking experience. They can easily browse through available rooms, check availability, select preferred amenities, and complete bookings within seconds. The convenience of these apps allows individuals to seamlessly integrate coworking into their work routines without any friction or delays.

Furthermore, the apps provide a centralized hub for accessing essential information about Workps, such as pricing, contact details, and upcoming events. Users can stay updated on the latest news and offerings, ensuring they never miss out on valuable opportunities within the coworking space.

  • Streamlining Room and Desk Booking

Workps's app has revolutionized the process of booking desks and meeting rooms, providing customers with a quick and hassle-free experience. The user-friendly interface of the app offers a convenient platform for members and external customers to view room availability, capacity, pricing, and make seamless payments. With the app's real-time booking system, overlapping bookings are eliminated, and all information is instantly updated upon booking confirmation.

"The transition to our app has been seamless. Our admin team quickly adopted it, improving our daily workflow and organization. Customers appreciate its streamlined booking process, ensuring a seamless experience. We promote app adoption by highlighting its convenience, enabling new visitors to check room availability and book within seconds."

Room and desk booking system on Workps app developed by andcards

The implementation of the self-service booking system brings numerous benefits to both members and administrators, streamlining the booking process and saving time. Customers now have the freedom to make bookings on the go without relying on assistance, while administrators can oversee bookings efficiently without manual intervention. This system eliminates the need for members to wait for confirmation and allows them to easily book and pay for meeting rooms or day passes at any time.

"The app has successfully addressed a major challenge we faced as administrators, resolving the difficulty of displaying room availability and booking options in a clear and organized manner. It provides a comprehensive overview of our offerings, including room bookings, day passes, and shop products, presenting them in a visually appealing and easily accessible format."

  • Easy Tenant Organization and Automated Subscription Handling

Workps has revolutionized its membership management processes with the help of andcards' comprehensive features. The platform offers a centralized hub to organize tenant information, saving valuable time and effort. With andcards, Workps can easily access member contacts, membership plans, and activity information, all in one convenient location.

The platform consolidates all customer activity, including bookings, invoices, payments, event tickets, and shop orders, providing a comprehensive overview of each member's engagement. This streamlined approach simplifies administrative tasks and ensures efficient record-keeping.

The Auto-Invoice feature eliminates the need for manual invoice creation, saving valuable time and effort for Workps. Invoices are generated seamlessly, reducing administrative burden and ensuring accurate billing for members.

Furthermore, andcards' Auto-Pay feature takes care of payment collection by automatically charging the due amount to the tenant's connected bank account, credit card, or Google/Apple Pay. This eliminates the need for manual payments and the hassle of chasing delinquent members or sending constant reminders. Workps can now rely on andcards to handle the entire invoicing and payment process, resulting in a more streamlined operation and a smoother experience for its members.

  • Online Shopping Experience and Increased Member Satisfaction

Workps has embraced the andcards Shop feature to offer its members and external customers a seamless online shopping experience. By listing a variety of products including a coffee bar menu and branded merchandise, Workps enhances the hospitality of the flex space and provides a one-stop shop for all customers' needs.

Online shop on Workps app developed by andcards

"The seamless room bookings, day passes, and membership management provided by andcards have greatly benefited our operations. The introduction of the shop page has been a game-changer, allowing us to showcase our coffee bar menu and enabling members to conveniently place advance orders. This feature has significantly boosted member engagement and satisfaction."

The Shop functionality benefits both members and administrators. Members can effortlessly browse and choose products and services, making their shopping experience hassle-free. They can conveniently purchase items using various payment methods, including credit cards, invoices, and even credits.

"We strategically placed QR codes throughout the space, allowing members to easily access the shop page or purchase e-passes with a simple scan. This convenient feature has eliminated the need for additional app downloads or external website visits. The effectiveness of the andcards app has generated excitement among our customers, and the seamless purchasing process has increased their enthusiasm for using it."

Administrators have full control over the shop, with the ability to create multiple categories, add unlimited products and options, and feature specific products by pinning them to the top of the shop page. Public product visibility enables non-members who have logged into the app to make purchases, expanding the customer base for Workps.

Workps benefits from the built-in eCommerce Analytics provided by andcards Shop. These analytics allow them to measure the success of their online store, track customer orders, and monitor revenue growth. By understanding which items are popular and gaining insights into customer preferences, Workps can optimize product assortment and provide a better shopping experience.

Results of andcards Adoption

  • 757% Revenue Growth in a Year

In only one year Workps achieved an astounding 757% revenue growth. The seamless integration of andcards has undeniably played a pivotal role in transforming their business, propelling Workps to unparalleled success within a remarkably short timeframe.

Results of andcards coworking software adoption at Workps
  • 97% of Payments are Made in-App

This notable finding highlights the successful integration of andcards' payment system into the daily operations of Workps, streamlining the payment process and enhancing convenience for both the coworking space and its members.

  • 265 in-App Purchases Since Sign-up

Since signing up for andcards, Workps has witnessed an impressive 265 in-app purchases by real customers over a period of nearly one year. This statistic reflects the success and popularity of the app among Workps' customer base, indicating a high level of engagement and satisfaction with the services offered.

  • 285 Applications for Shop Orders

Over the course of nearly one year, Workps has received an impressive 285 applications for shop orders since implementing andcards. This demonstrates the sustained interest and demand for their shop offerings, reaffirming the effectiveness of andcards in expanding their revenue streams and serving their customers.

"andcards has been instrumental in diversifying our revenue streams and maximizing our income potential. With its comprehensive range of resources, we effortlessly host and monetize events, offer day passes and hourly bookings, and even run our own coffee shop."

  • 60% of Invoices Are Auto-paid

andcards adoption by Workps has led to over 60% of invoices being auto-paid using the default payment method on file. This achievement highlights the effectiveness of andcards' payment automation, reducing manual effort, streamlining financial operations, and improving cash flow management while minimizing payment delays.

"With the implementation of andcards' automated invoicing system, managing our offices and clients has become remarkably easier. Sending invoices through andcards is highly efficient, saving us significant time and streamlining our operations. This allows us to focus on serving clients and growing our business."

  • 60% of Room Bookings Are Made by Customers

An important finding from the success story of andcards adoption by Workps is that 60% of room bookings are now made directly by customers, showcasing the effectiveness of andcards' user-friendly booking platform. This self-service approach has not only reduced administrative burdens but also enhanced the overall customer experience at Workps.

  • A single platform for everything

andcards serves as a comprehensive single platform for Workps, consolidating their operations and increasing efficiency. With everything centralized, time is saved, workflows are organized, and both the back-end and front-end operations run smoothly. Customers also benefit from the streamlined booking process, resulting in higher satisfaction. Workps' adoption of andcards has led to a full house and a more efficient work environment.

"andcards has been a game-changer, consolidating all aspects of our operations onto a single, centralized system. With everything on andcards, our workflow is streamlined, our back-end is organized, and our front-end is more efficient. It saves us time and provides an easier booking experience for our customers. This transformation has resulted in a full house of satisfied clients. And it's just the beginning as we optimize our locations and explore more possibilities with andcards."

  • More Value for Members

Workps has seen a remarkable increase in member engagement by highlighting the value of the andcards app. By introducing features like Events and Community Feed, customers have discovered new possibilities and become more enthusiastic. This strategic approach has enriched the member experience, fostering a stronger sense of community and empowering customers to maximize their Workps membership.

Community feed and events management system on Workps app developed by andcards

"In recent months, we've focused on promoting the app to our customers, highlighting features like event postings and updates on the Feed page. As awareness grows, customers are discovering the app's value and realizing its full potential. Witnessing their excitement and engagement has been truly remarkable. Introducing these features has opened up a whole new world for them, and it's incredibly rewarding to see their enthusiasm grow."

Summing up

"The andcards app equips us with all the tools to deliver exceptional customer service and support. Customers can easily access important information, such as Wi-Fi access and entry requirements, through the intuitive support section. Navigating the app, we appreciate its detailed organization. It has truly enhanced our ability to provide a seamless and informative experience to our customers."

Unexpected Benefits of andcards

  • Constant Updates

andcards' constant updates have been a paradigm shift for Workps. The Chats feature has significantly improved communication effectiveness, while ongoing progress and improvements have greatly enhanced operations. Workps appreciates the ability to adopt new options within the app and values the collaborative experience with andcards in continually improving their workspace environment.

"The updates in the andcards app have been a paradigm shift for us, particularly the ability to chat with members and visitors, enhancing our communication effectiveness. The progress and improvements made by andcards in the past two years have immensely benefited our operations. We continue to explore new options within the app, and it has been a pleasant experience working with andcards."

  • Unlimited Possibilities to Grow

andcards' multi-location functionality has been a significant asset for Workps as they expand to new locations. The seamless transition to their second location was made possible by the app, which allows them to manage multiple spaces within a single platform. This opens up exciting cross-membership benefits and interactions for their members. Inspired by the potential and success of other customers with multiple locations, Workps is eager to further explore and maximize the capabilities of andcards for their future growth.

"The andcards app played a crucial role in the seamless transition to our second location. We were thrilled to discover its multi-location functionality, enabling us to manage multiple locations within a single app. This opens up exciting possibilities for our members to enjoy cross-membership benefits and inspires us to expand to more Workps locations in the future."

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