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Built and maintained by andcards

Google Analytics integration with andcards provides in-depth reports that allow you to understand your branded mobile and web application's performance, analyze traffic, optimize Google Ads campaigns, and make data driven decisions for your coworking space.

Understanding of user interactions with your web app gives you key insights that help you understand how users behave and experience your coworking space web application. Google Analytics is updated in real time to let you know exactly which pages are the most popular and are having the biggest social impact.

Google Analytics integration with andcards coworking space platform

andcards + Google Analytics for Administrators

  • Understand your web application traffic, number of visitors, and bounce rates.
  • Analyze user journey across branded mobile and web applications using the next generation Google Analytics 4 service.
  • Get a detailed record of your users’ demographics - including their location, technology, age and interests.
  • View user acquisition sources structured by a traffic source. If you are running search ads, you can see what search keywords brought people to your web app.
  • Track conversions of your Google Ads by connecting your Google Analytics with Google Ads.

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