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Intercom integration with andcards empowers ground-breaking customer support services at your coworking space. For members it gives a convenient way to report issues and reach out to administrator, wherever they are. For administrators Intercom is a communication center with clients, providing invaluable user insights, 1:1 chats, audience segmentation with tags, automated targeted messages with push notifications, and so much more.

Support chat on Intercom available from andcards app

andcards + Intercom for Members

  • Chat with the front desk or coworking space support team using the same app used for booking.

    • Report issues with a few taps.
    • Ask a question about membership or invoicing.
    • Get notifications in case of visitors.
    • Thank administrator for amazing customer service.
  • Access help center with frequently asked questions.
  • Never miss new messages even if the app is closed thanks to push notifications.
  • View support conversations on any mobile device or web app.

andcards-Intercom integration support analytics

andcards + Intercom for Administrators

  • Enter a command center of all customer communication. andcards is deeply integrated with Intercom, allowing you to consolidate customer information in one place: users, companies, location, online status, device language, visited pages, device information, and so much more.
  • Receive and initiate chats with customers. The integration has full support for two-way chats with push notifications on all devices.

    • Receive and resolve issue reports.
    • Remind about overdue payments.
    • Inform of visitor arrival.
    • Reach out about lost and found items.
    • Notify of mail or package delivery.
  • Segment your customers by any automatically collected information or custom tags.
  • Set up automated campaigns or one-off email newsletters, push, and in-app messages based on time or customer behavior to onboard and retain new users, announce something, drive technology adoption, upsell, and cross-sell services. Send targeted one-off or ongoing messages with push notifications.

    • Welcome new members.
    • Educate new users about your services and app features.
    • Invite to relevant events.
    • Engage with users who were offline within the last 30 days.
    • Push automated payment reminders.
    • Inform members about changes to the existing services or new perks.
  • Utilize custom bots to ask customers questions and route conversations to the responsible staff member. For example, customer who reported a Wi-Fi issue can be connected to support technician, whereas customer who asked about invoicing can talk to finance staff.
  • Evaluate the success of customer support with chat ratings. When conversations are closed, customers leave a review. Get average ratings, average response time, averate time to close, and other analytics to step up your customer support game.
  • Organize community guidelines and frequently asked questions into a help center.
  • Connect Intercom to Jira, Stripe, your CRM, and more tools you use to make your support even more efficient.

Intercom on mobile requires branded mobile apps.

Your time is valuable. Your members deserve the best.

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