Stay close to your favorite people

Communicate with everyone conveniently without leaving your branded apps.
Chats on andcards coworking space software.
One-on-one Messaging

The easiest way to contact someone

Forget about having to guess how to contact your customers—use your own branded apps to send a message.

For all users

The simplest way to ask admin a quick question.
Effortless networking with other coworking space members—your coworking community and Feed users are a message away.
Easily contact your own registered visitors to let them know you’re coming.
Unsending and editing (soon) messages.
Instant sync of chats across iOS, iPadOS, Android, and the web apps with push notifications for new messages.

For administrators

Consolidate all team and customer conversations in your own branded apps.
Quickly contact any attendee of your events, registered visitors, external room bookers, or virtually any user of your apps.
Reinforce brand loyalty by encouraging members to return to your own apps for messaging.
Elizabeth Gay, ÌpàdéChatting with our members allows us to meet their needs faster and more efficiently. It also helps our members connect to each other. That's what a community is all about—making connections that will ultimately help everyone accomplish their goals.
Elizabeth Gay
Secure and private messaging on andcards coworking space software.
Data Ownership & Security

Encrypted messaging that belongs to you

Got a team member leaving the team? No worries, they won’t take all customer communication with them. Own your customer messaging and get a peace of mind that your data is protected.

Control the chats data your app users send through your own branded apps.
Users can unsend their message by deleting it for all conversation participants.
Reinforce your data security with the encrypted connection and database.

Connect with your customers effortlessly and securely