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Members and companies in your pocket

Access your community easily, with all information neatly organized.
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Coworking space app made by andcards with member profile solution.
Members Profiles

Manage members effortlessly

Browse all your community members like your own contacts. Easily invite or delete members, view activity, and set up membership plans.

For administrators

View all member bookings and transactions in one place.
Assign plans to automatecredits. Add or remove credits manually.
Easily invite one or multiple members, and delete at any time.
Collect consents to your privacy policy and terms of use.
Add notes to keep member information organized.

For all members

Discover other coworking space members, view contacts and self-introductions.
Choose who can see personal information with advanced privacy controls.
Search throughout all fields, including bio, to find like-minded people.
Ronald Yang, MY WORKSPACEandcards Community page allows our team to have a bird’s eye view of all tenants and their activities. The software saved us a ton of time and thousands of dollars by putting monthly free hour credits on autopilot.
Ronald Yang
Coworking space app made by andcards with company accounts solution.
Company Accounts

Tenant companies organized

Keep your community organized into company accounts. Give shared company credits. View and manage all related company information, such as members, plans, bills, and more.

For administrators

Easily group members into companies.
View company information and activity, such as business information, and transactions, in one place.
Set up plans to automatically assign monthly credits and bill membership fees.
View, manage, and send bills for payment.

For all members

Find out what companies share your workspace.
View all related company member profiles.
Search through all companies.

All workspace members at your fingertips

Coworking space app made by andcards with mobile community solution.
Mobile Community

Manage coworking space on the go

Detach yourself from the computer and access your coworking community anytime, anywhere, from your mobile device. Members, companies, credits, booking, and payment history — do just about everything with your smartphone.

Access your entire shared office community on the go through phenomenal mobile apps.
Search through your coworking community like you would do with your own contacts app.
One tap to call or email any community member.
Company managers view and pay by bills on a smartphone.
Stephen Carrick-Davies, Hatcham HouseBrilliant service that helped us bridge the gap between our website and mobile apps. New members are instantly invited to download apps upon a successful membership purchase.
Stephen Carrick-Davies
Hatcham House
coworking space app made by andcards with community administration automation solution.
Integrated Community

Synchronized with your favorite apps

Save time by synchronizing members, companies, and their activity to other apps you use. Build perfect customer onboarding, residence, and offboarding journeys.

Onboarding workflows: welcome emails via Mailchimp, give printing access via ezeep, allow mobile unlocking with an integrated access control system.
Countless IFTTT scenarios via Zapier: create, find, or delete members on andcards or any other supported app.
Offboarding workflows: delete members from other apps whenever you delete members from andcards.

Organize your coworking community

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