Effective desk booking solution

Automate hot desk booking with a powerful all-in-one software for coworking spaces. Simplify the booking process and save your team up to 50% of time.
Simple desk booking software for your coworking space
Desk Booking System

Automated Desk Booking Solution

Advance your coworking space and make members happy with an easy-to-use desk booking system. andcards platform is the best way for your customers to find available desks, book them in real-time, no matter if they have a membership or just occasionally need a desk to work at.

Fully automated self-service desk booking app to give more comfort to your members and unload your team.
Bird’s eye view of all desks at once, where every member can choose available desks.
Real-time desk availability update.
More opportunities to sell desks: promote hot desks and get more membership prospects with public desk visibility.
Perfect space utilization: no conflicts or double booking.
Convenient desk booking calendar where you can see all your bookings at a glance.
Michael Gorski, Campfire CoWorksandcards had a huge effect on customer experience at Campfire Coworks. The onboarding process became much simpler. We onboarded 19 new members recently, 10 have been day passes or week passes which improved our desk booking performance and increased desk occupancy by 52% in just one month.
Michael Gorski
Campfire CoWorks
Coworking space desk booking software with invoicing & payments
Invoicing & Payments

Faster Way to Pay for a Desk

Our desk booking system empowers you and your members with a comfortable, fast, and secure payment process. When customers book a desk, they can quickly and easily pay with any payment methods you enable, including credits, bank cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more.

Accept credit card and electronic wallet payments for lightning-fast desk reservations.
Members can pay for desks with credits that come with the membership plans.
Enable pay-as-you-go desk booking with a single invoice at the end of the billing period.
Register external payments, such as cash or terminal.
Connect one or several local payment gateways.
Freedom Pay, KakaoPay, Mercado Pago, Stripe, WayForPay payment systems.

Let members book a hot desk on the go with modern branded mobile apps.

Hot desk booking software solution
Flex Office Solutions

Sell an Office for 20 to a Company of 40

Use our desk booking software to stay competitive and offer new workspace solutions for partially remote companies or those supporting hybrid work. Offer super flexible workplace corporate solutions with a desk sharing option or allow on-demand desk booking for company employees, with a single consolidated invoice at the end of the month.

Augment your business model by offering new hybrid workspace products in your space.
Expand the target audience. Our software solution allows you to lease a 10-desk office to companies with more employees.
Utilize office space better. Turn empty offices into day offices or on-demand desk spaces and let your tenants improve employee productivity with flexible working options.
Jakub Bawol, CitySpaceManagers at CitySpace don’t have to micromanage bookings anymore. They can just supervise a self-service booking system at work. The hassle of Google Calendars and Google Docs is left in the past. Today members book desks and meeting rooms through the app and instantly pay for bookings with credits, banking cards, or invoices.
Jakub Bawol
Customizable desk booking software system
Advanced Customization

Tailor-made Online Presence for Your Desk Space

Add beautiful cover photos, detailed descriptions, pricing, seating, and other useful information, to make your desks attractive and easy to book. With our built-in hot desk booking system every member or external customer will love the seamless desk reservation experience both on web or mobile.

Add your desks or day offices and customize their profiles with photos, descriptions, booking rules, number of seats.
Define visibility rules depending, for example, on member/non-member status.
Limit access to certain desks so that only the employees of particular companies can book them.
Set up pricing for each desk type in currency or credits.
Limit the period members can book desks ahead.
Select days of the week desks can be booked on.

Offer a comfortable workplace experience to your members and corporate tenants.

Desk booking analytics by andcards software

Access Desk Booking Insights

Improve your space utilization efficiency and make data-driven decisions based on your desk booking system data shaped into beautiful diagrams by andcards platform.

Analyze your data to see how often members book desks and how they pay for them.
Get insights about desk usage.
Streamline decision making with the data from your members.
Improve space management and maximize utilization and revenue.

Delight your customers with a first-class desk booking system.