Guide your coworking space clients to success

Build a comprehensive knowledge base for your customers to help them onboard and enjoy your space.
Location Guides
Location Guides

Build a knowledge center for customers

Provide members and customers of your coworking space with a comprehensive knowledge base right inside your app. Customers easily find answers to the most frequent questions without having to contact the administrator. Keep your community happy with fewer support conversations.

For all customers

A simple way to find answers to important questions related to workspace rules and operation.
No need to contact the workspace administrator or create a support ticket.

For administrators

Get a single place for all your FAQ and how-to articles.
Keep your guides readable with well-formatted text, images, videos, and hyperlinks.
Make helpful content easy to discover by adding links to it across your app.
Free yourself from unnecessary support conversations while keeping customers happy and informed.
Anna Ivanova, kooperativandcards’ Guides help us provide our members with answers to the most frequently asked questions and important information on how to navigate our space, reducing the number of support inquiries. It’s particularly helpful during new member onboarding.
Anna Ivanova
Ticketing & support system by andcards coworking software
Location Information

Introduce customers to essential location information

Welcome your customers by providing them with essential information such as your location address, contact details, and the contact information of community managers for any inquiries.

Add cover photos and cover videos for virtual tours.
Provide physical address with a link to maps for quick navigation.
Summarize your location with rich text and links to community manager profiles.
Add a phone number, email, and a website link to help people connect with your business.
Add Wi-Fi information to let people connect to your wireless network.
Reference links to your Terms and Privacy Policy.

Simplify onboarding and
improve your coworking space accessibility.