Member support ticketing and real-time chats

Use a vast set of member support and issue tracking solutions, such a built-in ticketing system and Intercom or Zendesk integrations, to build a world-class customer service and make sure your members are happy.
Ticketing & support system by andcards coworking software
Issue Reporting & Tracking

Resolve issues on the fly

andcards’ Member Support is a comprehensive toolset that helps administrators be on top of every issue or problem that occurs in the coworking space and continuously improve service for members. Members, on the other hand, get an easy and effective way to share feedback and communicate issues and feedback to administrators.

For all members

An easy way to report issues to workspace administrators straight from the apps.
The ticket is created for each issue, which is visible both for members and administrators.
Members see the name of the administrator assigned to the issue and all the ticket activity in real-time to be sure the issue is on its way to resolution.
Push notifications update members on their tickets to help them see the progress on their issues instantly.

For administrators

Get a single inbox for all issues reported by members, organized by date, type, and status.
Improve member experience and satisfaction with an effective and timely issue resolution mechanism.
Start resolving the issue as soon as possible with real-time push notifications.
Direct tickets to relevant people using convenient issue categorization.
Understand how often members have issues, what kind of issues occur most frequently, and more with powerful support analytics.
Xavier Bertschy, Innovation Lab Fribourg
With the support feature provided by andcards, customer support became way more efficient. Now members just tap the "Support" button in the main coworking app on their smartphones and get answers to their questions in a blink of an eye.
Xavier Bertschy
Innovation Lab Fribourg
coworking app mode by andcards with intercom integration.
Intecom Integration

Live chats and bots

Use the full power of Intercom’s messaging platform on andcards. Customers start conversations with support, view community guidelines articles, and interact with problem-solving bots. Administrators get detailed member profiles on the Intercom Platform, initiate chats, send targeted messages, respond to support chats, and analyze the quality of customer support.

For all members

Report issues get any questions answered without leaving the desk.
View community guidelines help center articles.

For administrators

Get all customer details on the Intercom Platform.
Initiate chats with customers to inform them about package or guest arrival, forgotten items, or deadlines to pay. Customers receive and reply to your message on andcards with push notifications.
Segment customers with any available data and custom tags.
Create automated targeted message campaigns using all channels (email, in-app push notifications). For example, welcome new members or invite a segment to an event.
Build a comprehensive community help center with all questions answered.
Set up custom bots to route customers to the right support managers depending on their request.
Anna Ivanova, Kooperativ
andcards-Intercom integration has really accelerated our communication with residents. Without leaving the seat, residents can quickly learn many interesting things, as well as report issues, such as coffee running out, something broke, etc.
Anna Ivanova
coworking app mode by andcards with zendesk integration.
Zendesk Chat Integration

Issue reporting and ticketing

Tenants send messages and initiate live chats during work hours. Customer requests end up on your Zendesk ticketing system for further action. Administrators’ replies to customer requests go straight to customer inboxes.

Report issues to workspace administrators straight from the apps.
Live chat to workspace administrators during working hours.
Receive follow up replies to email inbox.

Build great customer relationships.
Without leaving your seat.