Become the leading provider of virtual offices

andcards has everything you need to help customers buy and manage their virtual business address.
Landing page and plan sign up on andcards coworking management software
Virtual Office Signup

Sign up customers for a virtual office plan

Empower people to buy the virtual address service without the need to reach out to you.

Automate onboarding and billing: No need to contact clients yourself — andcards has online sign-up, auto-pay and auto-invoice to save you time.
Offer a convenient web or mobile app to virtual office members with support for push notifications.
Mail and delivery management on andcards coworking space system
Mailroom Management

Process mail and packages easily

The andcards platform enables you to efficiently manage mail and packages. With this feature, your team can easily notify clients by email and push notifications.

Send notifications to clients when their mail or parcels arrive.
Keep track of mail status: new, in progress or solved.
Let clients respond on how to handle mail: scan, forward, or discard.
Customer Story
99 %
self-sufficient room booking by members
99 %
subscription automation
By introducing plan sign-ups in our app, the entire process of selling memberships is automated. This makes it easier and more efficient for us to offer membership plans without any hassle.
Foundr Space app developed by andcards
Digital community on andcards coworking space management software
Customer Retention

Retain your virtual office clients

Efficiently communicate with customers, keep track of all their activities, and maximize revenue at your coworking space.

See all your clients in a single database with their names, contact data, self-introductions, and financial data.
Contact your clients directly via chat and build personalized connections.
Send push notifications to mobile apps with a fallback to email.

Manage virtual offices with no effort