Product Updates

Introducing QuickBooks Online Integration

Introducing QuickBooks Online Integration

The new QuickBooks Online integration enables coworking operators to save time and concentrate on their core priorities. 🚀

The integration seamlessly creates QuickBooks Online invoices for both manual and auto-invoices on andcards and attaches PDFs to each open invoice. Administrators can now fully leverage andcards' Auto-Invoice technology without the need for manual invoice transfers to QuickBooks Online. Automate accounting with QuickBooks Online

The QuickBooks Online integration is immediately available in beta to all customers in the United States. Please give it a try and share your feedback with us at (Not in the US, but need QuickBooks Online? Let us know as well!)

If you're satisfied with our efforts, a thumbs-up on G2 would be greatly appreciated. 🧡

Unified Booking Schedule

Unified Booking Schedule

Good news! We’ve introduced a unified Rooms and Desks booking schedule for a smoother experience. 🎉

Plus, Desks will now have public and default schedules, too. The schedule you’ve previously defined in Rooms will apply to Desks, so please configure the location settings on the web app (mobile in the next release).

Efficiency and ease, all in one update!

Introducing Xero Integration

Introducing Xero Integration

The new Xero integration simplifies accounting and revenue recognition, allowing coworking operators to save time and focus on what truly matters. 🚀

The integration automatically creates draft Xero invoices for manual and auto-invoices on andcards and attaches PDFs to each draft.

Now, administrators can take full advantage of andcards' Auto-Invoice technology without transferring the invoices over to Xero manually. Automate accounting with Xero

The Xero integration is available immediately in beta to all customers at no extra cost. Please try it and send us all your feedback to If you’re happy with our efforts, we'd appreciate a high five on G2. 🧡

Users & Companies Reports

Users & Companies Reports

We're pleased to announce our latest update to custom reports that enhances your reporting experience.

  • Users Report: Replacing the "Community" report, this enhanced feature offers a comprehensive view of members and nonmembers, enabling better engagement.
  • Companies Report: Introducing the "Companies" report. Discover a complete list of companies and their plan details. You can now download company-specific info, access historical data on removed companies, and track plan timelines.

Uncover deeper insights and drive growth with these new reports.

5 Platform Enhancements

5 Platform Enhancements

Exciting enhancements have arrived to improve your experience 🚀.

1️⃣ Engaging Landing Page: Now feature videos from the Information page on your landing page. See an example at Volubilis app.

2️⃣ Real-time Notifications: Administrators receive user rating alerts. Mobile push notifications are coming soon!

3️⃣ Unified Booking: Configure Rooms' schedule on the Locations > Setting > General. Desks' schedule is still available on Locations > Settings > Desks page, but it’ll be unified with the rooms' schedule in the coming week for better user experience and scheduling consistency across multiple locations.

4️⃣ Name Visibility Control: Users can hide names on events for enhanced privacy. The option is available under Account > Privacy and Security.

5️⃣ Personalized Invoicing: Users can add personal invoicing details at Locations > Membership > Settings for automatic inclusion in receipts and invoices.

If you found this update helpful, please leave us a review on G2 ✨.

Improved Navigation Experience

Improved Navigation Experience

Exciting news! We've revamped navigation on your iOS and Android apps for a faster, more delightful user experience.

🪄 Enhanced Visuals: Enjoy brighter colors and improved contrast on Android for a visually pleasing experience.

Swift Loading: Say goodbye to delays — faster page loading means more gets done in less time.

🎢 Seamless Transitions: Effortlessly move between app pages with beautiful transitions.

Android users will love the optimized interface built just for them. iOS users experience faster page openings while keeping the iOS aesthetics they know.

Upgrade mobile apps now for smoother, faster, and more delightful navigation. If you love this update, please consider giving us a 5-star rating on G2.

Access Control for Rooms and Desks

Access Control for Rooms and Desks

Have you ever wished to provide physical access to meeting rooms or desks for bookers effortlessly? You can now easily achieve this through improved integrations of SALTO KS and Kisi, without any manual effort on your part.

🔒 Select access groups for individual rooms and desks, letting bookers open doors within booking hours only. The enhancement is available for both Kisi and SALTO KS.

👥 The time-bound access to rooms and desks works for members (including booking invitees) and even nonmembers. Now you can welcome hot desks with ease.

🪄 When a booking is updated, the access is automatically synchronized with the Kisi and SALTO KS dashboards. This guarantees a hassle-free experience for all involved.

Configuring access groups for rooms and desks is web-only today and coming to mobile soon.

Your coworking platform gets better every day. Give us a high five on G2!

App Rating

App Rating

Introducing a brand new feature designed to amplify the voice of customers of coworking spaces 🔥.

Here is how collecting feedback works:

🔍 Upon successfully completing an action, users may be prompted to rate their app experience on a 5-star scale with optional comments. Users can also leave a rating by opening Account and pressing “Rate.” Collect app ratings

⭐ Administrators can view aggregate ratings on the Product Settings page. All details of ratings and comments are revealed by going to the Rating page. The page shows up only if at least one user leaves a rating.

In early results, the average app rating across all andcards customers is 4.9/5, which is astonishing and inspiring. We'll work hard to continue delivering a first-class experience to members.

For all andcards customers, the Ratings page is already available for free on the web app and is coming to mobile soon. If you love this update, please give us a 5-star rating on G2.

View Nonmembers

View Nonmembers

Grow your community and convert leads into customers with the new Nonmembers page. Now, you can access info on users and companies previously added to your community but later removed. In the future, the page will include information on any user that did some action in your app.

View profile information. In the past, if you deleted a user or a company, their information was lost to you. Now, you can easily view past customers' invoices, payments, bookings, notes, credits, and much more. View nonmembers

🪄 Restore data. If the past members decide to come back, effortlessly restore them to the Community page in one tap, saving precious time.

📊 Download nonmembers. Get the data of nonmembers with custom reports. Use it to reach out to your past customers and encourage them to return.

Nonmembers page is already available on the web app and coming to mobile with the next release.

If you love this update, show your support by leaving us a 5-star rating on G2!

Thank you, and have lovely rest of the week.

Simpler Desk Booking

Simpler Desk Booking

When users book a desk, they'll see how many seats are available and book one or several ones without the confusion of which one to pick.

🔢 Users can book several seats at once with the new “+” or “-” buttons.

⚙️ Administrators save time by typing the seating capacity as a number instead of manually clicking to add each seat. Add a desk

🚀 This enhancement opens doors to implementing booking a period of time, enhanced occupancy tracking, and more awesome features.

The change is live on the web app and coming to the mobile with the next mobile release.

Join our webinar on July 27 to discover what's new on andcards. We'll walk you through all the cool new features and answer your questions during the live session. Register.

Happy booking, and have a productive day!

Refined Mass Invite

Refined Mass Invite

Introducing the brand-new Mass Invite to help you invite multiple users quickly in a few simple taps ⚡️.

• Easily prepare your user data with the brand-new interactive table. Forget about the hassle of spreadsheet files. Simply go to Community > (...) > select "Invite Multiple Users", paste your data, and tap “Invite”.

• Assign users to companies and configure subscriptions using a convenient drop-down menu. No more copy-pasting of complicated IDs.

• Mass invite directly to a company. Just select a particular company, press the new “Mass Invite" button, and paste the user data.

• Your app will promptly detect and highlight any incorrect data, ensuring that only accurate information is uploaded.

Loving the update? Please, take a moment to give us 5 stars on G2 to inspire our team to keep innovating and pushing the boundaries of what's possible with your coworking space app. 🥰.

New Desk Types & Office Solutions

New Desk Types & Office Solutions

Introducing Desks 2.0 to greatly streamline your workspace management 💪. Here's the list of exciting solutions launched to the web app today:

📊 New Desk Types. Enjoy greater flexibility with the new desk types which include hot desks, dedicated desks, and offices. Users can effortlessly filter desks based on their preferred type. Administrators will easily manage desk types, group similar products, and gain more accurate insights on desk rentals through the Analytics page. Explore desk types

🛋️ Offices: New “Office” desk type enables you to clearly indicate the availability of an office and easily assign it to the reserving company. Manage Offices

All desks that have been assigned to the particular company earlier are marked as desks with “Office” type now.

🔀 Assignment: “Limited Access” option is renamed to “Assignment” now and offers a more streamlined way to assign a room or desk to the company.

📈 Improved Occupancy: Monitoring occupancy levels is now more accessible and convenient. By navigating to the Occupancy page, you can quickly check how many bookings you had on specific dates. Dark-colored markings indicate dates with the maximum number of seats booked and you can tap on them to open a full bookings list.

We believe these updates will greatly enhance your experience with desks and look forward to delivering even more exciting news to you soon 🔥.

Mercado Pago & Stripe Integrations Enhanced

Mercado Pago & Stripe Integrations Enhanced

Introducing more flexibility with Stripe and Mercado Pago payment integrations 💸.

🌎 Those who have Mercado Pago connected, can enjoy accepting any payments with Mercado Pago Wallet now. The enhanced integration allows you to accept purchases with lower costs and faster processing times without any additional setup. Connect Mercado Pago

🇧🇷 Our Brazilian customers now have the ability to accept payments with Boleto for invoices through Stripe. This enhancement aims to provide a familiar and accessible payment option, ultimately streamlining their business processes. Connect Stripe

We believe that these expanded payment options will greatly enhance your overall experience and simplify the payment process.

Have a wonderful week ahead and stay tuned for further enhancements 🔔.

Duplicate Events

Duplicate Events

Managing recurring events in your space is now simpler than ever. You don’t need to create them each time from scratch, but can easily recreate them for a future date.

Here's how to get started:

1️⃣ Open your web app and select the event you wish to recreate. 2️⃣ Tap on the menu (...) top right and choose "Duplicate" from the options menu. 3️⃣ The duplicated event will appear instantly, ready for you to customize. Now edit the event to modify the date and save the change.

While the event content is replicated, the attendees from the previous occurrence will not be duplicated. This ensures a fresh start for each instance of the event.

Try out this feature with your community now and enjoy creating more events now ❤️.

Coming Soon: Desks 2.0

Coming Soon: Desks 2.0

Get ready for an amazing Desks page transformation that will take your booking experience to new heights🎉!

Here is what'll be changed:

New Mobile UI: we're launching a sleek new mobile interface on Desks. Choosing your date and selecting the number of seats will be more seamless and intuitive now. Coming with the next mobile release.

Time-range Bookings: we want to empower you to use the Desks page for various use cases, whether it's booking for one day or planning bookings that span several days. New possibilities will become possible very soon from July.

Seats Simplified: in order to accommodate Desks enhancements, we are replacing a seat picker with a seat counter. Starting from July you will see a general number of available seats without the confusion of seat numbers to make bookings convenient.

P.S.🚨If you have used numbered seats for daily bookings before, please, prepare for this change by adding a separate desk for each numbered seat.

We can't wait for all these enhancements released and look forward to delivering an even better booking experience ❤️!

Introducing Landing Pages

Introducing Landing Pages

Now, with our newest feature available, you can effortlessly create professional landing pages without the hassle of manual setup or integration.

Here is the list of benefits that new enhancement brings to you:

😍Beautiful landing page. Your root custom domain visitors will now see a stunning new landing page that introduces your space, locations, and mobile apps. Just point people to your custom domain and watch them book, pay, and join.

Some beautiful examples for your inspiration:

🖱️Simple sign-up. Users can easily sign up, and book a room or desk in your location with just a few taps. No marketing website is required.

Effortless customization. The new landing page is available immediately on all plans at no extra cost. Customize the landing page

We plan to expand the capabilities of your landing page going forward. Got a suggestion? Let us know.

New Integrations & Improvements

New Integrations & Improvements

Here's a roundup of what we've released and improved in the last two weeks:

Paystack payment gateway integration for South Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria.

Tap payment gateway integration for UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, and other countries.

• Stripe’s iDEAL payment method is now available for all payments in the Netherlands: room and desk bookings, event tickets, shop products, and credit packages.

• “Network Allowance” is known as “Cross-location Credits” now. The logic of using credits among several locations was simplified and you can manage it now on the Product Settings > Locations page.

• New Zapier trigger for benefit applications.

• Improved search in Community across all platforms (mobile arriving in the next update).

• Dozens of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Have a wonderful day!

Invoice Due Date

Invoice Due Date

Notifying customers about payment deadlines is crucial, and now you can easily do it with andcards. Set the invoice due date for your locations effortlessly, and users will have the specified due date added to each invoice 📅.

— Access the Locations > Settings > General page to set the payment due value. Configure invoicing

— Type the number of days during which users have to pay, and your app will automatically prefill the due date on the following invoices.

By default, the invoice due date aligns with the invoice issue date, but you can change it anytime in your web app.

P.S. 📢 Quick notice on credits. As you know, members can use their credits in other locations thanks to the “Network Allowance” property. In the coming weeks, we are simplifying its settings and transferring this property to Product Settings > General page. You’ll be able to set the same percentage value for credit usage across all locations, so all members can use credits across the network.

Let us know if you need further assistance with the invoices or credits setup 🙌.

Improvements for User Experience

Improvements for User Experience

Introducing several improvements for an enhanced user experience:

📅 New Desk Selectors: Users can now easily find desks available for the required number of people on a specific date. Simply use the "+” and "-" buttons on Desks to set the number. It is perfect for companies opting for a Day Pass for their entire team, allowing them to efficiently manage the number of seats with just a few clicks.

Update is available on the web app and coming to mobile soon.

🔗 Enhanced Sharing: The link from the "Share" button smartly opens the mobile app only if it is installed on the device. If someone without the mobile app follows the link, they are seamlessly redirected to the web app and can book there.

🌐 "Share" for location guides: All users take advantage of the "Share" button for any guide on a new mobile app version. Whether you are on the move or at your desk, simply copy the link and direct your users to any guide via Support, Chats, or email.

We hope these changes will save you time and increase your daily convenience. Have a wonderful week ahead, and stay tuned for more updates!

Collect Contacts

Collect Contacts

Say goodbye to missed opportunities with a new solution for collecting contacts👋.

Now, you'll never overlook anyone who randomly visits your space. Simply ask them to leave their contacts on the visitor display, and you're all caught up! 😎

Here is how you can gather contact information from individuals visiting your space in 3 simple steps:

1️⃣ Update your mobile app to the latest version and enable visitor display. The “Leave Contacts” option will appear right there and is ready to use🚀. Enable leaving contacts

2️⃣ Ask walk-ins to leave their contact data by pressing “Leave Contacts” on the visitor display.

3️⃣ Access a comprehensive view of all saved contacts on the Locations > Visitors > “Contacts” tab in your app, or download the full contacts list with custom reports for your marketing efforts.

If you haven’t tried branded mobile apps yet, order them now to drive your coworking space success with andcards.

Hope you enjoy this news and already start using this solution in your space 🧡!