What Is White Label Coworking Space Management Software

What Is White Label Coworking Space Management Software

Igor Dzhebyan
Igor Dzhebyan

Building a corporate brand for your coworking space and its further promotion are requisite steps for every growing business. If people know your brand, it's much easier to convert them into customers. Proper branding helps to establish trust between your coworking space and residents.

“Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time.”

~Elon Musk

We have already highlighted the major points of making your brand recognizable. Today's article is aimed at further strengthening your positions in the market through coworking space software customization.

I am pretty sure that your coworking space has its unique design and everything somehow related to your brand inherits the same style, colors, typefaces, and so on. But what about a coworking space app members use for meeting room booking and other routines? Do they see your corporate logo when they open the app?

Consistent application of your coworking space brand throughout all touchpoints with residents builds a good reputation and helps people remember your space better. andcards allows to apply your coworking space brand to andcards web and mobile apps. Read on to learn how white label coworking software works and how to set it up.

What is a White Label?

Generally, a white label is any product that is made by one company and rebranded to make it look like another company made it. If you want to strengthen the brand of your coworking space and attract more customers, as well as increase member convenience by giving them a dedicated mobile app, you don’t have to spend a fortune. andcards coworking space management software can be fully customized with your logo and name.

white label coworking software

What Are the Benefits of a White Label?

You may ask why you need this, and we have asked our customers as well about it. This is what they’ve told us:

  • People buy ideas, and brand is essentially your way to broadcast the idea. If you use just a Google Calendar or some random booking app, people won’t remember it and won't have any emotional connection. Custom branded andcards mobile app will have your coworking space logo so that people always saw your brand every time they book a space.
  • Strong brand throughout all touchpoints with customers allows growing customer loyalty. Nowadays consumers got used to great design, the convenience of mobile apps, and the availability of services 24/7. Picture yourself buying something online—would you give your credit card number to a sketchy website with poor design? If no, why do you expect your customers to book meeting rooms through a no-name free service that you decided to use to save some money?
  • Custom branded mobile apps save login information, so your members don’t have to re-login every time they make a meeting room booking.
  • Focus your members only on your own coworking space. If you post events on Facebook, announce the news by email, and perform room booking via Google Calendar, your members will most likely miss your next the most important event. Having a separate mobile app ensures members never miss what’s going on at your coworking space because every push notification will come separately with your own name and icon.

Here are some real-life examples of the white-label coworking app performance. All of the featured domains belong to andcards respected customers.

If you’re convinced and ready to build your own coworking space app, let’s read how to get started!

How to Set Up White-Label Mobile App for Coworking Space

White label coworking space software is composed of two parts:

  • Web app (e.g., members.coworkingspace.com)
  • Mobile apps for smartphones

Setting up both is easy and doesn’t take too much time.

Access Coworking Software from Own Domain

You can go even further than white labeling your coworking space app. Simplify the coworking space onboarding process by pointing your members to your own workspace portal. You can set up your own domain (e.g., coworkingspace.com) to open andcards branded with your logo. This is what it looks like:

White label coworking software

Publish Separate Mobile Apps for Coworking Space

Making your own coworking space app is not that hard. First, you need to prepare marketing materials. We recommend to follow Apple’s and Google’s guidelines:

Of course, the andcards team will help you get the most out of your app store submissions. For example, we can help you create screenshots for your new mobile apps, write keywords and app descriptions. Yet one thing you’ll need to provide is logo file, preferably in vector, so that we could create icons in all sizes. This is what it normally looks like when we create icon sets:

Creation of icons for white label coworking app

To build custom branded andcards mobile apps, we create multiple versions of icons for all sizes

Producing a separate mobile app normally takes about a week, plus the time for approving it on Apple App Store and Google Play store. We also charge a small fee for the service, so check how much white label costs.

Are There Any Restrictions for Functionality of a White-Label App?

There are no restrictions or lack of functionality. All andcards features will be 100% functioning in your customized mobile app for coworking space. Your white-label mobile apps will be available across the following platforms: iOS (iPad, iPhone), Android, web app.

If you used andcards apps before, you don’t have to create a separate account to log into your shiny new white-label apps. Just use the same log in method, and you’re good to go.

How to Get White Label Software

Are you interested? Exited about new branding possibilities revealed in this blog post? You're only one step away from getting custom branded apps for your coworking space. Schedule a demo call with our team and we'll help make your coworking space stand out!

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