Free Resources for Education & Fun (Take Advantage of COVID-19 Quarantine)

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The global pandemic of the coronavirus disease changed the way of thinking for lots of business owners worldwide. Getting profit is important but today we need to be more supportive than aggressive in terms of making money. Online services are growing their popularity which is natural in times of social distancing and compelled isolation.

Most IT companies have already declared their alacrity to provide their products free of charge to make them accessible to everyone in need and contribute to the global fight with the COVID-19 crisis.

In case you have missed my previous compilations of tools for coworking spaces that are free now, check them out here:

Best Tools for Online Meetings & Video Calls (COVID-19 Quarantine Freebies to Stay Connected)

Tools for Сoworking Spaces Offered for Free During Coronavirus Pandemic

This way, along with multiple restrictions and limitations imposed by the coronavirus crisis, entrepreneurs got numerous opportunities to experience new things and improve their skills. That's what this article is all about. Coworking brands invest so many efforts in arranging training, classes, and workshops for members to help them achieve the business goals that they postpone or miss out on their own educational opportunities.

If you have some free time due to the temporarily reduced customers' stream, look through learning resources available for free during the quarantine. Maybe it's time to go back to school, acquire new knowledge and meet the workspace reopen with an upgraded set of skills and twofold energy?

Remote Work

If you are still struggling to organize remote work, visit these resources for assistance.

SANS Security Awareness

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, SANS Security Awareness has created a Securely Working from Home deployment kit available for free. It includes all resources and training materials along with a detailed guide on how to swiftly deploy a training program for remote staff. You will also find videos, infographics, podcasts, newsletters and digital signage in multiple languages inside the kit.

Leading through a pandemic: Working virtually (London Business School webinar)

This is the first installment of new webinar series Leading through a pandemic. Here, Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice, suggests the actions you need to take to thrive in the world of virtual working. Lynda tackles the main issues business leaders from different countries face. The topics range from doing business remotely and communication to optimizing the use of technology and minimizing the sense of social isolation.

Industry News

The coronavirus crisis is not going to last forever. We can see it from China and South Korea experience that are seeing the end of Covid-19. Would you like to know what do coworking operators say about it?

What does the future of coworking business look like?

The panel, co-organized by and GCUC, brought in the conversation:

  • Ally Hong, from The Executive Center, in Seoul
  • Jonathan Wright, from Colliers, in Hong Kong
  • Liz Elam, from GCUC, Austin TX
  • Bob Zheng, from People Squared, in Shanghai
  • Jean-Yves Huwart, from, in Brussels

While China and South Korea are slowly seeing the end of the Covid19 crisis, the rest of the world is in the middle of it. The coworking industry in Asia has experienced the containment and now it is steadily getting back to regular work.

Here are the questions you'll get answers to:

  • Did they manage to retain their members?
  • What do landlords propose?
  • Is the meeting rooms booking business back on track?
  • How about protection equipment within the coworking spaces?
  • Will companies and real estate property owners embrace the flex workspace model further?
  • How does the future look like?

Digital Marketing & Brand Building

If the combination of words digital marketing and brand enhancement calls nothing but complexity associations, it's time to change the attitude.

Moz Academy

Moz Academy offers a free SEO course that will teach you local SEO fundamentals and site audit techniques.

Blogging for Business

If you are running a coworking blog, blogging for business course from ahrefs Academy will teach you how to grow it up to 100K monthly visitors and convert hundreds of your readers into paying members.

Coworking Space Marketing Handbook

If you don't feel like digging too deep into marketing wilds, grab a free .pdf copy of Coworking Space Marketing Handbook written by andcards marketing managers. This entry-level manual will quickly walk you through the basics of the on-page SEO for your coworking website, analysis of the niche market competition, boosting coworking brand awareness, and building an efficient sales funnel for your coworking business.

Coworking Brand Building Series

Coronavirus crisis has explicitly demonstrated that the strongest brands have more chances to survive the crisis without tremendous community losses. Look through this series to learn the methods of building and inflating a coworking brand that is powerful enough to inspirit members' loyalty.

Business Success & Entrepreneurship

This section contains a bunch of popular learning resources that offer their courses for free during the Covid19 pandemic.

Free courses for the well-being

The topics of wellness, health, and happiness are really burning nowadays as you should not only keep your own balance but cheer and support your members and managers. I guess it will be great to know how to live a life of happiness and fulfillment. The offer from is valid through 5/31/2020.

Free courses for career development

One more bundle of free classes from This one is more business-oriented and teaching to navigate the changing world of work. You can learn many things, from creative problem solving to leading the company of the future.

Entrepreneurship Courses gives you an opportunity to develop skills in leadership, communication, decision-making, being a team player, and the ability to telescope for free. You will be taught how to create a business that perfectly suits your aims and needs, and study the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs through free online training classes.

Marketing Courses

Free marketing courses from Alison will teach you how to attract customers and convince them to buy and use your product or service. They range from social media marketing and marketing management courses to public relations tutorials and digital marketing lessons.

Free courses from edX

From critical thinking and problem solving to storytelling in the workplace, classes are available for your free studying on

Business & Management Courses

Using Future Learn resource you can further your career with communication, networking and project management courses. Don't miss the chance to take leadership training with top universities and business schools.


In a time of uncertainty, it's very important to stay informed and updated as well as have some fun.

Apple News+

Apple News+ offers a subscription (which is free for a month) to editor-curated coverage of current events, an expansive personalized newsfeed, immersive videos, and breaking news notifications.

You will have access to hundreds of magazines including The New Yorker, TIME, Vogue, Food & Wine, Sports Illustrated, Outside, People, WIRED, and Vox with their animated covers and redesigned articles. You will be always up to date with leading newspapers, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and more of the world's best journalism.

Sling TV

Sling TV is encouraging everyone to "Stay in and Sling" with totally free programming which includes thousands of movies and shows for kids and families. There’s zero sign up or log in to join the Sling community. Just go to the website and start streaming.


There is a solution to stay in good shape, both mentally and physically even when gyms are closed and jogging in the park is not recommended.


If you like yoga and meditation or if you were going to take the classes, the headspace meditation app is exactly what you need. Right now, they're offering free access to all K-12 teachers, school administrators, and supporting staff in the U.S. as well as health care professionals. Please note that a collection of content called Weathering the Storm is available free to everyone.


Peloton app has extended free trial to 90 days. This way, you can get access to their full library of classes from the comfort of your home. Take a mix of yoga, meditation, strength, cycling, running and more. Don't worry about being accidentally billed, you'll be reminded three days before your trial ends and cancel anytime.

Virtual Museum Tours

And the last category in this collection of free resources contains several links to famous museums offering virtual tours to visitors. Have you ever been to Louvre in Paris or British Museum in London? The time has come and you even don't need to pack your bags or buy plane tickets for that.

Speak Up

That's it for now. Hope you liked my list of free resources for education and fun. You can share some of them with your members if you think they will benefit from the info.

I would love to hear which online services you use to improve your skills, tone your body, and cheer up. You can leave your additions to this article in the comments section.

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