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Top 6 Coworking Conferences to Visit in 2022-2023

Top 6 Coworking Conferences to Visit in 2022-2023

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno

The coworking industry is growing really fast these days. More entrepreneurs choose the freedom and flexibility of

coworking spaces. We can even notice certain business trends aiming to provide a personalized approach to members' needs.

For instance, digital nomads and people on workation may use a rural coworking space, some women entrepreneurs prefer special amenities of female-centric coworking spaces, niche professionals like to work in the like-minded people environments, such as coworking spaces for chefs, coworking spaces for pet-supplies entrepreneurs, and so on.

The industry is getting more competitive. Being an ambitious coworking space owner, you surely want not only to keep your business afloat but grow and scale it. Coworking business success depends on many aspects. Tracking the global trends, technical innovations, promotion, networking, and partnership are some of them.

Visiting coworking conferences is a great way to keep yourself in excellent business shape (even if they are hosted online due to the COVID-19 pandemic).

Benefits of participating in the coworking conferences:

  1. It's a great opportunity to meet partners and investors.
  2. Learning about the latest market news and trends.
  3. Study efficient marketing strategies to finance spaces, attract new members, and achieve sustainable business growth.
  4. Of course, a conference is a source of inspiration as you hear real-life success stories and adopt best practices in your own business.

We, at andcards, strive to seize the opportunities coworking conferences reveal.

Igor Dzhebyan, CEO of andcards running workshop at Coworking Europe 2019

Igor Dzhebyan, CEO at andcards, running a workshop at Coworking Europe 2019.

And what about you? Are you ready to plan your big post-coronavirus coworking events for 2022-2023?

Top Coworking Conferences 2022-2023

This section features the best and most prominent events recommended for coworking space owners.

1. WDC22

September 28 • Lake Bled, Slovenia

Organizers call WDC22 an atypical business conference for leaders and curious minds.

Workplace Design Conference is first of all designed for Business Leaders, Company Executives, and Entrepreneurs. You will meet many of your colleagues there, heads of SMB, SME, and large enterprises.

WDC is also a must-attend event for Workplace Strategists, HR Professionals, Facility Managers, Real Estate Professionals, Interior Architects, Designers, and other key people who want to help improve performance, collaboration, and talent retention in their organizations by matching workplace design and technology with strategic vision and sound management.


September 28 • London, UK

The Global Coworking Unconference Community (GCUC) brings together decision-makers and game-changers in the flex industry. This unique conference experience is packed with expert insights, visionary conversations, educational programming, breakouts, opportunities for connection, and a showcase of industry-leading partners. The event and agenda are focussing on “The Evolution of the Workplace,” and as ticket holders, you can also book coworking tours and one-to-one sessions with property experts in their ‘Ask the Experts’ sessions.

3. WorkSpace Conference

November 10 • London, UK

The WorkSpace community of experts comes together to explore the new models for profitability and the opportunities for investors, developers, owners, operators, occupiers, and service providers across the office real estate sector.

The event is an outstanding opportunity to connect across the office property sectors. It’s also a great way to learn about the latest trends, actionable strategies, trailblazing use cases, and so on. Throughout the day WorkSpace organizers will encourage collaborative exchanges and promote dialogues that reach far beyond small talk.

4. Coworking Europe

November 10-11 • Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Coworking Europe conference is produced by SocialWorkplaces.com. Since its first launch in Brussels, Belgium, in 2010, more than 3.500 people attended the conference making it the largest community of coworking and flexible office operators, real estate brokers and developers, consultants, architects, designers, technology and service providers, and stakeholders worldwide.

The conference is a unique networking event for all the coworking communities operating across Europe and beyond. The best coworking world experts and practitioners will share their thoughts, insights, and ideas during the event. However, we advise you to get to Amsterdam a day earlier and spend the day browsing through the local ecosystem and getting in touch with other like-minded people before diving into 2 days full of content and inspiration at the conference.

Great news! You can get your ticket with a 20% discount using this promo code: CWE_ANDCARDS.

5. Future Offices Winter 2023

February 21-23 • New York, NY

Future Offices Winter 2023 will show you and your team the best way to Re-Designing the Workplace and Workforce to Drive an Engaged Employee Experience! This three-track program will provide you the opportunity to learn from experts from the Best Places to Work, Fastest Growing Brands & Most Innovative Technologies. This year, they promise to tackle the industry's hottest topics.

6. Work Space Design Show

February 27-28 • London, UK

The Workspace Design Show brings together the UK’s workplace interiors community to explore the experience of tomorrow’s workspaces.

What will shape tomorrow’s workspace? Now more than ever, the future is based on togetherness, collaboration, and the spirit of cooperation. Workspaces need to create environments that foster creativity and innovation while also being agile for the flexible working models that people require. So, make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to be part of the UK’s biggest workspace event, bringing you networking, thought leadership, and the latest products to transform the country’s offices.

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More Conferences for Flexible Workspace Owners to Follow

Well, it was my top list of coworking and flexible workspace conferences to visit in 2022. It is not comprehensive, and I highly recommend you check the resources featured down below for more information. 2021 was so difficult for everyone that many of the global events still didn’t appoint any dates for upcoming events. But I believe they will do it soon and all of us will be able to experience a unity spirit that only physical proximity gives again.

  • Coworking Unconference Asia — An experience that brings together Asia’s best coworking space operators, workplace futurists, investors, tech folks, researchers, and members. Since 2015 all those pros gather every year in the prettiest places in South East Asia to have inspiring conversations, rich cultural experiences, curated connections, and unexpected adventures.
  • Coworking Symposium — A joint scholarly and industry half-day-long conference on coworking and flexible workspaces tackling various topics such as developmental aspects in the post-pandemic world, collaborative and networking perspectives, HRM, and more.
  • Coworking India — The first dedicated event ever organized in India in 2016 (New Delhi) and featuring the rise of the coworking industry.
  • CWSC — Reset-Rethink Coworking Spain Conference is the most important coworking event in Spain lasting 8 days and including online meetings with the whole coworking family.
  • UCcowoCH — The first Swiss Coworking Unconference is a free, public event hosted by non-profit organization Coworking Switzerland.
  • Coworking Germany — Cowork is an annual conference to meet the coworking scene and exchange ideas, take inspiration from exciting keynotes, and then discuss them, network with coworkers, space operators, and everyone interested in coworking. 
  • London Coworking Assembly — A monthly event for anyone working in or around the industry.
  • European Coworking Assembly — European Coworking Assembly or ECA for short is a non-profit organization that supports and promotes coworking, its values, and its benefits across the continent.

To Take Away

Did you find some of the events on my list worth a visit or follow? Don't forget to tell your friends about the biggest coworking events in 2022-2022 as planning the coming exciting experience together is even more enjoyable.

As you understand, this recap is not exhaustive, I am going to add new items as soon as they appear. Stay tuned, sign up for our newsletter, and you'll be aware of the latest updates.

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