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The High Touch Benefits of Visitor Management Systems for Coworking Business

The High Touch Benefits of Visitor Management Systems for Coworking Business


David Miliken

Using a

visitor management solution is a smart approach for flexible workspaces to keep track of visitors, badge printing, and to make sure potential members and event attendees are quickly and efficiently checked in and supplied with visitor sign.

There are many benefits to having an automatic visitor registration process via an app or kiosk, yet some coworking organizations resist using them. The point of coworking, they argue, is to build community. How can you build a community when you take out the human element? In fact, using visitor management software technology to check-in guests and print visitor badges can actually facilitate a high touch, friendly environment when approached in the right way.

What is High Touch?

A high touch environment, by definition, requires a high level of human interaction. Examples of high touch include:

  1. Waitstaff coming to your table and taking your order.
  2. Writing a letter or thank-you note by hand.
  3. Holding an in-person meeting or event. In our increasingly (especially after covid 19) high-tech world, there is concern that we are losing the human touch. In many places, technology is replacing people. It is easier to go about your day without interacting with another person:

    • You might spend ten minutes on the automated phone line when you call customer service.
    • You no longer have to talk to a cashier because you can check out your own purchases in the self-checkout line – or don’t even go to the store at all with online ordering and delivery.
    • You text your friends instead of calling them. When done right, high tech and high touch can go hand-in-hand, and a visitor check-in app is a perfect example. There are several ways flex offices can benefit from using such a system.

Freeing Up Your Humans

coworking community members communicating with one another

Let’s face it: coworking spaces generally don’t have a lot of staff. Most of the people who are in a coworking location at any given time aren’t employees. They are members working on their own projects or interacting with each other, clients, or visitors. It is likely that only one or two employees actually manage the location.

If the community manager is tied to a desk to greet everyone who walks through the door, they are much less likely to be circulating among members. To build a community, you want your manager in the fray, engaging in high touch activities. Using a visitor management solution with its automated check-in process frees them up to do just that.

People hate being interrupted. We now know that multitasking is a myth, and interruptions can be incredibly disruptive to productive work. If your manager is in the middle of a conversation or troubleshooting a problem, a guest who walks through the door needing immediate attention can short-circuit the process. A visitor kiosk solution helps to improve the visitor experience as guests feel welcome without stopping the flow of work.

Many coworking spaces sponsor workshops and informal gatherings to encourage community-building among members. These events are perfect times to invite clients, potential members, and visitors to see what the location has to offer. Pointing guests to check-in at an automated kiosk allows your community manager to run the show, shake hands, and connect in the moment.

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Providing a Personal Touch with Tech

Tech doesn’t just free up employees, but it creates an opportunity to provide hands-on service in its own ways. Thinking back to those special events: when a guest checks in using a tds visitor management app, it builds a digital database of possible connections.

You will know exactly about all visitor arrivals and can then follow up later in a decidedly high touch way with a phone call, handwritten note, or an invitation to learn more about the organization. Consider, also, that people are more comfortable with high tech than you might expect. Self-service reduces time and frustration in several arenas. This plays out quite a bit with a visitor management system:

  1. People often choose to use a self-service system even when a person is available. It ensures the security and correctness of entered information.
  2. If your manager is engaged in an activity, the visitor will not want to interrupt. A self-service option allows them to be assisted immediately rather than wait. You never want a potential member to have to wait.
  3. After-hours staffing is often very minimal – or none! Digital access control and check-in systems work 24/7 and allow better traction guest with visitor information getting registered in a matter of minutes.
  4. The best visitor management apps will automatically notify the host in real time that their guest has arrived by voice call, text message email, or even Slack. This allows the host to personally greet their guests rather than send them through a stranger first.

A Winning Combination

Utilizing a high-tech way to check-in and manage visitors to your flexible workplace can provide quality service to your guests across multiple locations, give you an opportunity to follow up with them later, and free up your employees to do more hands-on community building. Using a thoughtful, deliberate strategy of high tech and high touch really can provide the best of both worlds. High tech is easy. It gives you the time to focus on members, forge human connections and the dividends are well worth the extra effort.

The article was written by David Miliken, the founder and CEO of Greetly digital receptionist service. The product was launched in 2014 and currently used by hundreds of companies and large enterprises, and schools worldwide to manage visitors and ensure better office security.

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