From Optix to andcards: How FoundrSpace Achieved 99% Subscription Automation

Jazz David
Jazz David
From Optix to andcards: How FoundrSpace Achieved 99% Subscription Automation

A Space to Make New Connections and Do Great Work

FoundrSpace is a unique flexible workspace that uses the power of coworking to foster a diverse, inclusive community, nurture innovation, and support progress. With two locations in California, one in Rancho Cucamonga and the other in Pasadena, FoundrSpace provides a collaborative workspace environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and professionals alike.

What sets FoundrSpace apart from other coworking spaces is its flexible membership policy. Unlike other spaces that require clients to sign contracts for a certain number of months, FoundrSpace allows members to sign up on a month-to-month basis. This provides greater flexibility for those who may need a workspace for a short period of time, or those who are uncertain about their long-term needs.

"At FoundrSpace, we believe in offering maximum flexibility to our members. Unlike other spaces that require signing contracts for a set period of time, we allow everyone to try our membership on a month-to-month basis. This approach sets us apart, making us unique in the industry and providing our members with the freedom to choose what works best for them."Jazz David, Community Coordinator at Foundr Space here and below unless otherwise specified

FoundrSpace coworking space interior

Migrating from Optix to andcards

FoundrSpace used to rely on Optix for managing their daily operations before adopting andcards. One of the reasons for migration was the fact that andcards offers more options to accommodate unique offerings of the space.

For instance, with andcards, it is much easier for people to book rooms using either their banking cards or credits.

Centralizing everything they offer, from memberships to day passes to meeting rooms, andcards has become a more efficient solution for managing FoundrSpace routines.

"It seems that andcards has definitely more options for accommodating what we offer. For example, on andcards, it's a lot easier to have people book rooms either using their card or with credits. It basically just centralizes everything that we offer from memberships to day passes to meeting rooms."

The Process of Migration

After establishing a standardized process, the migration of two locations and more than 130 members from Optix to andcards became a smooth and straightforward process. Members were notified of the new app through a newsletter, and they were encouraged to switch over to the new platform that centralized everything.

“Once we got into the groove of it, migrating from Optix to andcards became very straightforward. It was just a matter of getting the members to actually move over.”

"We started off with a newsletter to all of our members letting them know that there's a new app where everything is centralized."

Members at FoundrSpace coworking space

Despite initial hesitance from some members about switching to the new app, the transition was made easy for them. Once they became accustomed to the new system, migrating to andcards simply became a matter of convincing members to make the switch. Eventually, everyone successfully transitioned to andcards, which resulted in greater convenience for all members and administrators.

"Eventually, everyone has migrated over and it's just become a lot more convenient for everybody. Migrating to andcards was a good solution for simplifying our operations and enhancing our members' experience."

Challenges FoundrSpace Was Looking to Resolve with andcards Software

  • Manual membership plans management

The administrators at FoundrSpace faced the time-consuming task of manually inviting members into the app and assigning them a plan before implementing andcards. With over 130 members and flexible terms that include month-to-month contracts and daily passes for new customers, this process took up a significant amount of their time and effort.

Hence, they were actively seeking an efficient solution that could automate the management of membership plans and alleviate their administrative burden.

  • Manual room booking processing, bookings overlap

Before FoundrSpace adopted andcards, managing bookings was a time-consuming and error-prone process. They had to manually keep track of bookings on Google Calendar and ensure that there were no overlaps or double bookings.

Skype room and open space at FoundrSpace coworking space

“Back in the day, we would have to manually keep track of bookings on Google Calendar and make sure they don't overlap. And when the overlaps do happen, it's quite a stressful experience having to decide which meeting to give up.”

This process was not only exhausting for the managers but also prone to errors and inconsistencies, leading to a stressful experience when overlaps did occur. Deciding which meeting to give up was a challenging decision that often left managers feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with the manual system. Overall, managing bookings manually was a significant challenge for FoundrSpace, and it highlighted the need for a more streamlined and efficient solution.

  • Manual free meeting room hours tracking

At FoundrSpace, the process of allocating and tracking free hours for members posed a significant challenge. Before adopting andcards, the organization relied on a manual approach, which involved keeping track of free hours and day passes on a Google spreadsheet.

FoundrSpace coworking space

This manual approach created a lot of pain for the space. For one, it was time-consuming and labor-intensive, as staff members had to manually input data and update the spreadsheet regularly. Additionally, there was a higher risk of human error in recording and updating the data, which could lead to inaccuracies and inconsistencies.

"Managing and tracking free hours for our members was a manual process before adopting andcards. We had to rely on a Google spreadsheet to keep track of allocated hours for conference rooms and day passes. It was a time-consuming and error-prone process that lacked transparency and accountability."

Moreover, the manual system lacked the transparency and accountability an automated system could provide. Without a centralized platform for tracking free hours, it was challenging to ensure that members were using their allocated time appropriately, and some may have taken advantage of the situation.

FoundrSpace was looking for a better way to manage and allocate free hours for members. By adopting andcards, they hoped to streamline the process and reduce the pain associated with manual tracking.

  • Managing two separate databases to provide 24/7 access to the space

Before installing Kisi, FoundrSpace faced significant access challenges, especially with their 24/7 members, as they had to complete a multi-step process for activating their account and their access to the space.

With Kisi, FoundrSpace can now streamline their access control from one app. It allows the place administrators to focus on valuable tasks while the security of their space is being prioritized through andcards and Kisi.

The switch to Kisi created several improvements for FoundrSpace:

  • Less time and effort from the administrator to complete member registrations 
  • No confusion of frustration for members, as they no longer had to use two apps to navigate the registration and access process. 
  • Reduced errors and inconsistencies in the member registration process, therefore creating a streamlined process for billing and access. 
  • Made it easy for FoundrSpace to maintain accurate records of member activity, as the data was now consolidated in one system. 

"Providing 24/7 access to our members was a challenge as we utilized the Nexkey access control system, which required a separate app for member registration. Admins had to complete two separate processes—one through our main coworking space management app and another through Nexkey, which created inefficiencies and potential errors. It also caused confusion for members and made it challenging to maintain accurate records of member activity."

How andcards Addressed Challenges at FoundrSpace

  • Members sign up for plans without the administrator’s assistance

The andcards adoption at FoundrSpace has enabled full membership plan automation. Customers sign up for plans through space’s web or mobile apps without requiring any assistance from administrators. This means that coworkers can select and purchase their desired plans on their own, which reduces friction on the customer journey and increases conversion rates. There is also a direct sign-up link on the FoundrSpace website for added convenience.

FoundrSpace app developed by andcards

To sign up for a plan, customers simply need to hit the "Sign Up" button on the FoundrSpace app, select the plan they want (such as hot desk, fixed desk, or day pass), and check out. This process eliminates the need for time-consuming back-and-forth communication through email or chat.

"The andcards plan sign-up feature has been a game-changer for us! With members now able to sign up for memberships themselves, the process has become incredibly simple and convenient. All we have to do is send them a link and they can set up their payment method and everything is taken care of. It's a fantastic improvement that has made it so much easier for prospective members to join. Plus, we receive a notification when someone signs up, so we never miss a beat. I can't speak highly enough of this feature—it's made our lives so much easier!"

Once the sign-up process is complete, customers receive all the membership benefits, including credits (free hours) for room bookings, and Kisi, their chosen access control system, that allows access to unlock doors.

Additionally, administrators receive real-time notifications of new customers so that they won't miss any sign-ups.

  • Automated invoicing and payment collection

Along with membership plan automation, FoundrSpace was able to streamline their operations by automating their invoicing and payment collection processes, thanks to andcards.

With the Auto-Invoice feature, invoices are automatically generated and delivered to customers based on their subscription plans. These subscriptions define the recurring rent fee and include various add-ons such as bookings, shop orders, and event passes. This automation has eliminated the need for manual invoice creation, saving FoundrSpace valuable time and effort.

"Managing payments is a breeze with andcards. If somebody missed a payment you can search through andcards' intuitive interface to find the specific transaction. With just a click of a button, you can be directed straight to the Stripe transaction, saving you valuable time and effort."

In addition, andcards' Auto-Pay feature automatically collects payments for these invoices. Once an invoice is generated, the due amount is charged to the tenant's connected bank account, credit card, or Google/Apple Pay. This eliminates the need for manual payments, and administrators no longer need to chase delinquent members or send constant reminders. With andcards taking care of everything from invoice generation to payment collection, FoundrSpace has been able to streamline their operations and offer a more seamless experience for its members.

"When we were in the process of setting up the andcards system, we were still dependent on our old methods of tracking everything, which involved a lot of manual effort and were prone to errors. However, with the implementation of andcards, we found that it automatically keeps track of all our activities and tasks, making our job much easier. All we need to do is periodically check the system to ensure that everything is running smoothly."

  • Automated room bookings

FoundrSpace's app has transformed the process of booking meeting rooms into a quick and hassle-free experience for its members. The app's interface provides an easy-to-use platform where members can conveniently view room availability, capacity, and pricing, and make payments seamlessly. The app's real-time booking system ensures that there are no overlapping bookings and that all information is updated instantly once a booking is made.

"Room bookings have been a major time-saver for our locations in Rancho Cucamonga and Pasadena. With andcards' integration into our Google Calendar, we even registered our space on several booking platforms and the process is seamless and stress-free. No more double bookings or manual tracking. It's just box it up and everything falls into place."

Room and desk booking on FoundrSpace app developed by andcards

The self-service booking system at FoundrSpace offers many benefits to both members and administrators by streamlining the booking process and saving time. Members can now make bookings on-the-go without any assistance, while administrators can oversee the bookings without manual intervention. With this new system in place, members no longer have to wait for confirmation from administrators, and they can easily book and pay for their desired meeting rooms at any time. The implementation of the self-service booking system has significantly improved the overall user experience and efficiency at FoundrSpace.

  • Automated credit system

The credit system implemented by andcards at FoundrSpace completely addresses the challenge with manual free meeting room hours tracking and offers several benefits to both members and space managers.

"Using andcards credits has been a major benefit for us as it frees us from manually keeping track of member's free hours and day passes, which we used to do through a Google spreadsheet. With the credit system, we can now easily track and allocate credits to members for conference room usage and day passes, saving us valuable time and effort."

  • Firstly, the system is fully-automated, meaning that space managers no longer have to manually allocate and track free meeting room hours for members. This saves time and reduces the risk of human error in the allocation process.
  • Secondly, the credit system offers full transparency to members. They can see exactly how many credits they have and what they have spent them on, giving them greater control over their usage of the space.
  • Thirdly, the credit system is flexible and incentivizes members to use their credits within the month, as any unused credits will expire. This encourages members to take advantage of the space and its amenities.
  • Moreover, the credit system allows for additional benefits, such as the ability for administrators to manually add credits as a reward for member referrals. This can potentially help incentivize current members to refer new members to the space, leading to growth in membership.
  • Finally, the credit system has given FoundrSpace more than they expected, as it serves as a universal "currency" that can be used exclusively at their space. Members can spend their credits on anything they wish, from meeting room bookings to food and drink, and this further incentivizes members to stay loyal to FoundrSpace.

“Our members have many options for purchasing items with their credits, for example, trash collecting or getting their office cleaned, or ordering food. They are able to purchase that all with their credits.”

  • Just one app for everything including door unlock

FoundrSpace has successfully addressed the challenge of multi-tool operation by implementing andcards, a single platform that administrators, members, guests, and external customers can use. This not only simplifies the customer journey but also makes it easy for FoundrSpace staff to understand their customers.

Events and Shop on FoundrSpace developed by andcards

The platform offers a single app that all parties involved in the coworking process can use, with access permissions being the only differentiating factor. This ensures that everyone is always on the same page and that the customer experience is seamless.

FoundrSpace has done an amazing job of redesigning their customer path to improve the experience, enable full self-service, and introduce automation. Once a new member signs up, they receive a couple of emails:

  • one inviting them to register in the FoundrSpace app provided by andcards, 
  • and another to set up an account with Kisi (access control system) to unlock main entrances directly within the FoundrSpace mobile app.

"When it comes to membership access, with Kisi integrated into andcards, it's really just all in one place. When someone signs up for a 24/7 membership, it's as simple as just going to their profile on andcards, scrolling down, and just turning on the access for them."

This in-app door unlock feature powered by deep andcards-Kisi integration is an essential component that contributes to a better member experience at FoundrSpace. With a quick registration process, customers get access to all workspace products and services, including 24/7 access to the space that is effortless for both members and admins.

"The activity log on Kisi is very helpful for safety purposes and keeping track of who has been in the space, especially during off hours. It's also convenient for private events, allowing people to easily book the space and set a specific time for the doors to lock and unlock, making the space accessible for everyone."

They can unlock the doors with their smartphones, book meeting rooms, and desks with a tap, get information and communicate with other members via a corporate feed, apply for additional services and benefits, pay membership fees, join events, pre-register guests, and more.

FoundrSpace has taken a customer-centric approach, and the introduction of andcards has enabled them to streamline their operations and deliver an exceptional customer experience. The in-app door unlock feature is a game-changer, providing easy access to the space while ensuring the security of the premises.

Read more about it in the second part of this success story on the Kisi website.

Results of andcards Adoption

  • 99% of bookings are done by customers

One significant result of the andcards app adoption for FoundrSpace is that 99% of bookings are now made by customers themselves. This means that admins no longer have to manage each booking manually, freeing up their time and reducing the potential for errors or double bookings.

"We have definitely gotten busier and streamlined our process, making it easier for new guests to book our conference room with just a simple download of our app."

Instead, the app provides a self-service platform for members and external customers to book rooms and services independently, with the added benefit of an overview of all bookings being visible to the admin team. This makes it easy for admins to keep track of bookings and to ensure that all resources are being used efficiently.

The results of andcards adoption at FoundrSpace

  • 99% of subscriptions are automated on a monthly basis

Similar to the self-service platform for room bookings, FoundrSpace members are also able to purchase their subscriptions themselves through the andcards app. This means that 99% of subscriptions are now automated on a monthly basis, with members not having to worry about manually renewing their subscriptions each month.

The automated system ensures that members are charged on a regular basis, reducing the need for staff intervention and reducing the potential for errors or missed payments. This has been a significant improvement for FoundrSpace, as it has reduced the administrative burden associated with subscription management, allowing staff to focus on other important tasks.

  • 85% of invoices are auto-paid

The fact that 85% of invoices are auto-paid is a significant achievement for FoundrSpace, and it highlights the efficiency and convenience of using the andcards app for payment processing. With the andcards app, members are able to easily get, view and pay their invoices online, which eliminates the need for manual payment processing by staff members.

This automated payment process ensures that invoices are paid on time, reducing the risk of late payments and the associated administrative tasks.

  • Invoices are paid in under 8 seconds

The fact that invoices are paid in under 8 seconds is a testament to the speed and convenience of the payment process provided by andcards. The payment process is designed to be fast and intuitive, allowing members to complete transactions quickly and efficiently. This has resulted in an average payment time of under 8 seconds, which is a significant improvement over traditional payment methods that can take several hours to complete.

The speed of the payment process has several benefits for FoundrSpace, including the ability to process payments more quickly and efficiently, which improves cash flow and reduces the risk of late payments. Additionally, the fast payment process improves the overall experience for members, who appreciate the convenience and ease of use provided by the andcards app.

  • 100% door access automation

With a stable integration between andcards and Kisi, FoundrSpace members, guests, customers, and event attendees can easily unlock doors 24/7 with the same app they use for bookings. This integration allows for a seamless experience for users, eliminating the need for multiple apps or access methods.

  • Seamless cross-location experience for members

The seamless cross-location experience provided by andcards has been a game-changer for FoundrSpace and its members. By using the andcards app, members can easily view and book meeting rooms, workspaces, and other amenities in both locations, without the need for separate logins or complicated navigation.

"We strive to enhance our members' experience at FoundrSpace, and offering the ability to view and book rooms in both locations through our app has proven to be highly convenient for them. It's rewarding to hear from members who appreciate the seamless access to both locations and the possibility to pay with credits, making it even easier for them to utilize our space for their needs."

Events at FoundrSpace coworking space

The ability to seamlessly switch between locations has made it easier for members to take advantage of all the resources available at FoundrSpace. Furthermore, the use of credits makes payments hassle-free and allows members to quickly book and pay for what they need. The streamlined process provides a hassle-free experience for members, which in turn creates a positive impression and enhances their overall experience with FoundrSpace.

Unexpected Benefit of andcards Discovered by FoundrSpace

andcards' commitment to exceeding customer expectations is exemplified by the universal credit system, a unique feature that sets it apart from other workspace management platforms. This flexible credit system provides customers with the ability to purchase a wide range of products and services through the app using credits instead of cash, offering an unparalleled level of convenience and versatility.

"We were pleasantly surprised by the flexibility offered by andcards when it came to the variety of things that could be purchased with credits. For instance, we had a coffee shop located in our Pasadena office, and we were able to set up an option for members to order drinks with credits, which was a really helpful perk. The best part was that if we needed to change or remove that option, it was just as easy. We found that using credits was a great way to provide additional benefits to our members, and they appreciated the ability to use them for a variety of things beyond just booking meeting rooms or workspaces."

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