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andcards platform gives you a powerful branded channel to reach customers and build a positive brand perception for maximum customer loyalty.
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Improve your coworking space customer retention and lifetime value by strengthening your brand with mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Mobile Apps with Your Logo

When your customers download your branded app, it stays on their phone, ready for push notifications and the new content in your app. And it’s not just members — non-members can use the mobile app too!

Designed for Maximum Retention

Intuitive and thoughtful design encourages long-term relationship between you and customers. For example, members are likely to stay with you until they spend the last remaining credits.
Customer Story
+65 %
customer retention rate
100 %
member satisfaction
More than 65% of our users are long-term contractors for more than six months, and most of the users are renewal contractors. There are many reasons for customer loyalty, but I'm sure the TTP app is playing a big role.
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Branded TTP app developed by andcards

Add value to your memberships

andcards Benefits allow you to give people even more for their money through partner offers, perks, and discounts.
Customer Story
83 %
member activation rate
15 hr
admin time saved weekly
We offer various discounts and member benefits in our app. For example, free delivery of Shake Shack, 10% discount on The Coffee Bean, 40% discount on DHL, and more. Members feel good that we care about their needs and think positively of our brand.
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Branded MY WORKSPACE app developed by andcards

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