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Top 7 Coworking Spaces in Hong Kong

Top 7 Coworking Spaces in Hong Kong

Igor Dzhebyan
Igor Dzhebyan

Hong Kong is a vibrant gravity point of Asia, an epicenter of trade, finance, and even IT. In fact, Hong Kong is an epicenter of technology and innovations. For example, the city houses

RISE conference attended by over 15,000 people including companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Tinder, Grab, LINE.

Garage Society

Garage Society coworking space Hong Kong

The first one I would like to share with you is Garage Society coworking space. Actually, it's "spaces", as Garage society is a network of coworking spaces around the world, and 4 of them are located in Hong Kong. When you see the photos of that coworking space, you can tell that cozy and nice workplace with all the amenities you need. But what you can’t see is a great community of people who are working there. Garage Society is not just a shared office, it’s a place where you can meet cool people with great ideas while working in a beautiful workspace.

Garage Society photos, video, location, pricing

Kafnu Hong Kong

Kafnu coworking space Hong Kong

Located within the 5-star Kerry Hotel, Kafnu Hong Kong is a genre-defining lifestyle space to open globally and offers its members the use of the hotel’s facilities: the infinity pool, gym and jacuzzi. The space features biophilic and feng shui design principles; and consists of individual workplaces, meeting rooms and communal spaces that are inspired by local textures and colour schemes.

Aside from premium work and recreational facilities, members also have access to a growing global community. Along with an array of curated events which include business seminars, fireside discussions, skills workshops, social meet-ups as well as partner benefits, Kafnu seems to encompass all aspects of a hyphenate lifestyle. Send a message to Kafnu Hong Kong to experience their beautiful spaces and engaging community.

Kafnu Hong Kong photos, video, location, pricing


Cocoon coworking space Hong Kong

CoCoon coworking space is a huge creative center in the middle of Hong Kong. It’s a popular place among startups, freelancers and other creative people who need an office space for rent. Besides workspace Cocoon is also a business incubator and a network of entrepreneurs, so if you have your own company you can even promote your ideas there. This coworking space is really impressive especially for young entrepreneurs as it is not only an entrepreneurship center, it's an educational platform for young startupers. If you can't go to Startup Conference at RISE, you have to visit this coworking space for a dose of development. And what if you are sick and tired of networking at the conference and need just to work in peace and calm atmosphere? Check out next coworking space we’ve prepared for you!

Cocoon photos, video, location, pricing

The Hive Central

The Hive Central coworking space Hong Kong

The Hive coworking space is a perfect workspace to get your work done because it feels like home. It takes only 5 minutes to go from this coworking space to the sea, so if you are tired you can take a break to enjoy a picturesque view of green mountains and the South China Sea or just chill out at the nice terrace. The other nice thing about this coworking space is a free pass to not just one, but a whole network of coworking spaces. It could be really useful as the Hive has also its offices in Bangkok, Tokyo, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Thailand. So if you’re planning a South-Pacific trip you should definitely consider the Hive’s membership. The Hive offers all kinds of office you need: hot desk, fixed desk, shared office, private office and special rates for young entrepreneurs. However, even if you are not a young entrepreneur, you will still enjoy the atmosphere of this coworking space.

The Hive Central photos, video, location, pricing

Uptown Co-Workshop

Uptown Co-Workshop coworking space Hong Kong

Uptown Co-Workshop is a cozy co-working space as well as a community located just 5 minutes away from HKU MTR station. Uptown focus on helping startups to grow by providing a social environment for companies to synergize. Their co-founders are determined to provide individuals with deep mentorship, so far they have helped a few startups to build a successful business. To make the startup journey a bit smoother, Uptown Co-Workshop offers "Startup Starter Kit" that has several tiers which include: Launching (company registration, business plan), Growth (marketing strategy, recruitment, app development), and Get Funding (branding, video production, public speaking coaching). The space has a sister branch called Uptown Seoul, so next time when you are on a business trip in Korea, why not pay them a visit?

Just to make your decision easier, Uptown has a great promotion on at the moment where they will give you an extra 2 months free if you sign up for 12 months! So what are you waiting for? Join now!!

Uptown Co-Workshop photos, video, location, pricing

Campfire Kennedy Town

Campfire Kennedy Town coworking space Hong Kong

Campfire Kennedy Town coworking space is located right next to the similarly named MTR station, just 9 minutes away from city center. Kennedy Town is a booming district, popular among millenials and young entrepreneurs, with thousands of trendy cafes, breweries, pubs and clubs. Campfire's coworking space interior does fit very well with modern vibes of Kennedy Town. Full of light, the space combines simplicity metal and glass with warmth of wood and fabrique. Campfire has so-called Breakout Area which are essentially transformer meeting rooms, Play Lounge to socialize with other residents or grab a quick bite, as well as a full range of services, such as desks, offices and even custom-shaped spaces. If you need a quick stretch for your legs, check out the fun swing on the side of the coworking area.

Campfire Kennedy Town photos, video, location, pricing

BLOOM by Jumpstart

BLOOM coworking space Hong Kong

BLOOM coworking space is in Hong Kong's famous Tsim Sha Tsui district, surrounded by great shopping, eating and fun places. The workspace is female-friendly, where female entrepreneurs can find a safe environment to learn, communicate and develop themselves through workshops, pitching nights and guest speaking sessions. For example, a Pitch Contest 2018 had an all-female judging panel. BLOOM regularly invites various pop-up stores to bring interesting products for its residents. The team hopes their efforts to build a great workspace and community would help you bloom and flourish, and the're fully committed to helping you get all necessary resources to do so! What's especially pleasing is that BLOOM lets you try the space for one day completely free of charge.

BLOOM photos, video, location, pricing

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