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andcards Coworking Platform Put Us Ahead of Competition

Ann Yoo

SPARKPLUS is one of the leading coworking space networks in Seoul, South Korea. As of June 2019, it has several thousand members across over 10 branches. SPARKPLUS offers private desk, private office, and a new type of service — “custom office.”

andcards meeting room display apps in SPARKPLUS

“Thank to andcards, our community managers can operate SPARKPLUS community more effectively by saving 3+ hours / week. Our members are also very satisfied with our app service for they finally be able to book meeting rooms across 10 branches with just one simple click. They can even apply for the benefit service through the app in a matter of seconds.”

SPARKPLUS website introducing andcards apps

Results of andcards adoption

"Upgrading to andcards from our previous system felt like switching from a bicycle to a racing car — it’s fast, powerful, intuitive and fully automated. andcards team surprises us with development speed, attention to detail, and customer-centric mind."

Favorite feature

“andcards built high quality fully branded mobile and web apps for us. Having own featured apps helps us ensure a consistent brand communication to build trust with our members."

Learn more on SPARKPLUS homepage, Facebook and Instagram.

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