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10-15 Bookings a Day Put on Autopilot — Customer Story

10-15 Bookings a Day Put on Autopilot — Customer Story

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno


MY WORKSPACE is a commercial real estate company in South Korea, that provides shared workspaces for startups and services for enterprises at an affordable price with a variety of practical hospitality and programs.


South Korea, Seoul, Gangnam-centric

Founded in:


Nr of Branches/Members/Managers

3 branches / 316 members / 9 managers

I want to focus on the startup accelerator program. The key point to me is how to work with nice startups and be a key member of the startup world. That's where I want to be.

~Ron Yang, Vice President of MY WORKSPACE

Handling the Bookings Before Automation

MY WORKSPACE flexible workspace interior

Before acquiring andcards, managers at MY WORKSPACE used to handle the booking schedule manually by accessing Google spreadsheet.

We realized it is an inefficient system. Occasionally booking conflicts, missing the schedule that a member requested, lack of manpower, and many other issues persecuted us every now and again.

This caused a bunch of problems including unfair meeting room usage. Community managers tried to address the issue with the help of coupons distributed depending on the company size.

This way we tried to take meeting room booking under control, to make it economically fair. But this solution is far from perfect.

Distributing coupons every month is also a huge work for managers. But letting everybody come to the info desk and register in Google Calendar is also not an option.

Sometimes Google calendar gets updates, their API may be down. This is not professional to rely on it.

Members came to the info desks and managers manually did the job. It took a lot of their time and caused additional expenses (One working hour of coworking space manager in Korea costs around

$10. If they work 100 hours, it's$1000 salary per month!)

We experienced those kinds of problems for a long time until we found a solution. They caused real disasters in our space. Now, andcards booking feature is saving so many managers' hours.

One more drawback of using coupons is that they should be shared for organizations. Some people just forget about them, some go on a business trip and take all the coupons with them, so teammates don't get their meeting room booking coupons. They come to the manager for a solution. So, the manager needs to run a Google Sheet for these records, which also takes extra effort.


Having analyzed all the above, MY WORKSPACE decided to acquire an app for meeting room bookings as this is the most efficient way to make reservations. The goal is to free members from coming to the reception to see the manager and get coupons.

Booking After andcards Implementation

meeting room at MY WORKSPACE coworking space

Ron Yang has computer science backup, so he fully recognizes coworking space management software importance. Ron believes that an automated meeting room booking system saves huge human resources.

andcards implemented this product idea very well and I love to use it. I also gave an idea to show meeting room availability on the tablet in front of the workspace. And they implemented that too really well.

MY WORKSPACE coworking network is using a meeting room booking solution developed by andcards for two years already. They usually have 10-15 bookings a day processed by the software.

Now the process of booking a meeting room for MY WORKSPACE members is as simple as entering andcards app on their smartphone from anywhere on earth, choosing date and time, and paying with credits or a credit card.

So simple, if members don't have enough credits, they can use a credit card, andcards allows doing that. Korean people like efficiency, everything should be done on the fly, and with automated meeting room booking, everything is really quick.

Implementing meeting room booking software is about efficiency both for owners and customers. They just can be anywhere in the whole world, open the app, and book a meeting room.

Issues Resolved

  • Increased revenue thanks to saving on managers' work hours and selling outside the coworking space with enabled payments with credits or credit cards.

With andcards it's a saving of more than $1000 and we can sell outside the coworking space. A person who is not our tenant yet can also use a meeting room paying for it via andcards with credits or credit card, which saves even more of our time. It's a great investment for us.

  • Improved member experience. Members can make reservations from anywhere using slick mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Prevented overbooking, booking conflicts, overlaps, and accidental booking deletions.
  • Reduced abandoned bookings thanks to the push notifications that remind members about the upcoming bookings.
  • Equal and even access to meeting space.
  • Saved branch manager’s time with automated free hour allocation (credit system.)
  • Curated bookings. Admin can book a meeting room on behalf of any member, view and edit bookings, set minimum and maximum booking length, booking step.
  • Synchronized bookings with a personal calendar a member is using (Google, Outlook, Apple.)

Check out Yourself

Would you like to have this comfy meeting room booking system for your members? Schedule a demo call with us and get to know how to implement it in your coworking space.

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